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byHannah Sackett, July 27, 2018

Sometimes the themes, the beats bumping, and concert level light shows can be too much. When you want to get back to the basics and just enjoy some good old fashioned yoga, no twists, no gimmicks, we highly suggest YogaWorks Westside. Don’t get us wrong we LOVE the badassery or Y7 or the strength training the comes with CorePower. But, every once in a while ya want to namaste without all of the extras.

There are times when these types of studios can be too crunchy (wow that incense smell is strong) or too preachy. But, YogaWorks is just right. Even the edgiest of us will leave a class feeling a little lighter, even willing to chat with strangers at the tea bar….. What?? Talk. To. Strangers???? Yes! The friendly staff, calm atmosphere, and the genuinely judgment free atmosphere, are what makes this place a gem. Walking into this studio feels like you are able to let out a giant breath that you didn’t realize you were holding in.  

This studio offers every type of yoga from a gentle Hatha to sweaty flows. Decide you are looking to kick the core into gear? They even have both Pilates classes too.



Bring on that flow baby! Vinyasa yoga is defined as having a bit of a faster pace accomplished by stinging a series of poses together guided by the breath. I already know what you are thinking… “faster” doesn’t mean like Barry’s Bootcamp level speed.  We are still talking yoga here Fam. Manage those expectations. All we are saying is that breath controls movement – one breath, one movement. Essentially this is a phenomenal style of yoga for those of us who cannot stand a slow moving class and also want to break a sweat in our practice (sans the assistance of a heated room).

YogaWorks describes their vinyasa as a “graceful dance”, something we tried to to keep in mind as we transition from one pose to the next. This type of practice is not just about “sticking the landing”, but also how you get there – f#ck its like math class and showing your work all over again. Kidding aside, we appreciate the level of awareness the Vinyasa at YogaWorks brought to the way our bodies move. In Sanskrit it literally means to “place in a special way”.  Considering the faster pace and the attention to transition needed, you will need to have some base layer recognition of the standard poses. Lets just say if you don’t know the difference between your “warriors” or even what a “warrior pose” is, ya may be a bit lost.


We are obsessed with Erica. Like a goddess walking among us in class she had the perfect balance of grace, poise, and calm tone in the way she called out the pose progression. She also had a way of being quirky and funny with a Kate Middleton-esq air. All the while she is teaching with her perfect voice, body, and outfit, we did not feel an ounce of hatred toward her for either being perfect or fake nice (that’s terrible to say but you were all thinking it!). Sure we were envious, but she flat out just made us feel all warm and fuzzy in that way that very few people can. Fam, we could not have dreamed up a more ideal yoga teacher even if we tried.

Even before the class started, she got a gold star from us when asking if anyone didn’t want hands on adjustments. We don’t mind them, but there are some people who REEEEEEHHHHHHEEEEEAAAALLLLY don’t like being touched, particularly in a sweaty environment. Believe it or not, a ton of teachers don’t ask up front. As well, she did a phenomenal job of really working the room making it to every student several times. Plus, we could hear her from everywhere even in the huuuuuuge studio (the Donald would love it). Now, if only we could keep her on retainer to bring us back to a calm state during subway rush hour.


This studio is oh so cozy in the same way that your grandma’s house is. All of the matts, blocks, blankets, straps are all different colors and none of them match. The decor is earthy and warm, seemingly unplanned and gathered together from different places or experiences. Finding someone reading on the couch or a group gathered around the tea bar is not an uncommon sign. Now someone off to the side texting, well that would be. Instead you can have a chat with everyone from a stay at home mom to a juilliard dance student to a CFO for a tech company. Seriously, the gambit is that wide. Our class had beginners hiding in the corners AND several beautifully toned, shirtless men in short shorts, living their #bestlife.  

On the 4th floor of a commercial building, this studio has some super artsy neighbors like the Children and Teens Broadway Dance Center & the Young People’s Chorus of NYC. So, don’t be surprised if you are sharing the elevator with some parent/kid combos. With 3 yoga studios and a pilates studio the space is deceivingly large. The best part? They are a yoga studio with showers.

YogaWorks Westside

37 W 65th St, New York, NY 10023
Columbus Circle Yoga $$$

YogaWorks Westside

Columbus Circle Yoga, $$$

37 W 65th St, New York, NY 10023