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byHannah Sackett, February 13, 2019

Rumble Boxing is far more than just a workout; it’s a GD experience. They’ve combined the concept of boxing fitness with the trappings of a high end VIP experience. From the lux locker rooms to the custom benches in the studio room, there’s no question that this team is all about the details. Each studio has custom artwork and the retail is high end and worn by a third of the people in each class. The draw of celebrity clientele oozes a cool factor that you hope will rub off on you. Even the playlists are stocked with mixes custom made by artists for the brand. While the allure of this concept draws you in, the workout will keep you coming back. And the amenities … Well, they get you to stay well beyond the end of class. Between the instagram moments and the spa-like facilities, these studios have become social watering holes in their cities: yet another place to see and be seen.

The club-like similarities also carry over to the workout. Each studio room is equipped with a full lighting system that creates various types of moods for every pulse-pounding section of the workout. They’re going for an adrenaline-filled party atmosphere for sure. But, while you might think that all this flash means the workout has no substance, you’d be sorely mistaken. There’s no fluff here. The quality of the workout actually does walk the walk, leaving most of its clientele drenched and breathless. All of this makes for a unique adrenaline high that is straight up addictive.

Do we feel like every studio needs to bring the level of branding, amenities, and star power that Rumble does? No. But in a world where working out is the new brunch or night out, we aren’t shocked that they are slaying the game.   



Warning: Rumble is HIGHLY addicting. Why? You’ll work harder than in most classes in the city and still walk out with a smile on your face. Just thinking about the adrenaline high gets us a little excited … Well, that and the sexy lighting in the studio. Catching yourself in the mirror throwing a sick cross or watching your muscles flex during a squat to press beneath the perfect blue glow will have you saying “Yaassss, queen!”

This is a boxing-inspired bootcamp workout, emphasis on the “inspired” part. You’re going to learn the six punches, the right stance, and proper form, but at the end of the day, this class is about conditioning over technique. You’re not going to be able to take someone in the ring after this class, but you are going to get a damn good sweat. Stick with it long enough and your stamina is going to skyrocket.

So what EXACTLY are you getting out of your 45 minutes? Think Barry’s, but swap out treadmills for aqua bags. 10 rounds, three minutes each, split between five on the bag and five on the floor. All of this is prefaced by a five minute introduction to the six punches and how to stand and how to throw them, followed by five minute highly active “warm up” that includes explosive moves (jumping jacks, squat jumps, cherry pickers). Then you’re off! The floor sections each have a target portion of the body – abs, arms, chest, back, legs/butt – but most moves are a combo of the two for a super comprehensive session: think squat to overhead press. The bag section slowly builds from super simple to more complicated combos that go back and forth between punches for speed and ones for power. Still following? Don’t worry, we know it’s a LOT but there are heads up displays for each and every combo or circuit of moves.


We can’t help but think of Remember the Titans when we think of Gaby. She has miles and miles of heart. In an environment where it can be easy to feel like just a number, Gaby goes out of her way to make every one of her class attendees feel seen. She takes the time to speak to everyone before and after class, to shout out as many people as possible, and has endless patience in her training. Now, this doesn’t by any means mean that she is a softie. While she’s a very kind person, you really wouldn’t want to fuck with this chick. Despite her petite stature, she has a commanding presence. Gaby can go toe to toe with anyone, whether holding the pads or throwing her own 1s and 2s. Her mix of feisty personality and thoughtful teaching are really what make up the mood of her class. She won’t let you off easy, but she will always leave you feeling a hell of a lot more empowered than when you started.


When we think of Rumble UES, we think FULL. F#CKING. SERVICE … four stories of it. This studio goes beyond what we’ve come to know as “basic Rumble amenities,” if you call customized statues basic amenities, offering two studio rooms, infrared saunas in both the women’s and men’s locker rooms, and … a Dry Bar. A damn Dry Bar. Because why do your own hair after class if you don’t have to, right??! If you wanted to, you could make a visit to this Rumble a several hour affair – workout, spa experience, blowout.

With this studio being built up and not out, you’ll get your warm up in jogging up and down the stairs. The studios are on the second and fourth floors, women’s locker room & Dry Bar on the third, men’s in the basement. And while you might think this would make for a shit show of stairway crowding, they’ve actually managed this well by ensuring that each studio has a light which will flash when the studio is open. This way, Rumble goers can hang out in the comfort of the lounge before and after class. Speaking of after class, be sure to at least take advantage of the showers. The shower stalls themselves are nicer than the cushiest Equinox and the vanity areas are stocked with product. If you didn’t want to, you really wouldn’t have to bring any of your own cosmetics.

Want to get your ‘gram on? This location’s unique characters are their Popeye statue – of course, “Rumblefied” in that he’s wearing Nike’s and has Jab (their logo and mascot) for a head. Or, you could always pose next to Mr. T, who lives in painted format on the wall next to the PT room.  

Rumble Upper East Side

1495 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10028
Upper East Side Boxing $$$$

Rumble Upper East Side

Upper East Side Boxing, $$$$

1495 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10028

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