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byMadeleine Hoffman, November 19, 2017

Warning: The Dance will leave you profoundly bewildered by its ability to have you smiling ear to ear all while feeling extremely uncoordinated. With a wide array of classes under our belt, we usually feel confident in our abilities to nail a workout, whatever it may be … but this was not the case during The Dance. Despite feeling like we had two left feet, we left class extremely sweaty, happy and checking the schedule for when we could get back again. To quote the great Miley Cyrus, “We should celebrate progress and not perfection” and this class is all about embodying that.

If you follow @Somethingnavy, then you’re probably already familiar with The Dance instructor, Amanda Kloots, from the numerous dance vids she’s posted. If not, you can spot her in the beginning of class by the front of the room with a big smile welcoming students in and hugging many of them. Don’t be fooled by her knockout looks and friendly demeanor though; she is all business when it comes to getting a good sweat on.



This class is definitely a bit of a see and be seen workout with the majority of attendees outfitted in their trendy Bandier best. Studio B is on the second floor of the Bandier store in Flatiron, and the line waiting for the class to open goes all the way down the stairs and into the store. For first timers, we recommend grabbing a spot somewhere in the center of the room slightly towards the back. Keep in mind, this class is packed and there are no designated spots so you want to get right in and grab a position. The large studio has a full mirrored wall in the front which can be intimidating if you don’t know the moves yet, but you want to be close enough to the center to get a good view of Amanda.

The warmup sets the tone for the class with jumping, clapping and dancing to the music. The energy in the room goes from 0-100 right away. Each song has a choreographed dance that gets your heart rate up while toning your muscles in all the right places, especially your core. The choreography is taught step by step, then running through the sequence to a slower practice song. Then you’ll pick up the pace to a faster new beat. The musical selection ranged but mainly was top 40 pop-oriented. Even though you learn the steps before putting them into action, the dances require both your brain and body to work in unison to really get the moves down and this can take a few repetitions.

If you are easily scared off by this type of thing, it’s important to note that you are never singled out and Amanda is dancing and instructing every step of the way. Quite honestly, everyone is so busy dancing and watching themselves or Kloots in the mirror that no one will really notice or care about any mis-steps you may take … and we made a lot. By the end of the class, you feel like you’ve just ended a seriously fun and sweaty dance party with all of your friends.


Amanda Kloots makes you feel comfortable and supported with her huge smile dancing alongside you. You can tell how much fun she’s having and that really brings the energy up in the room, making it fun for all. She’ll make her way side to side in the room making sure that everyone can see what she’s doing, but there are no hands-on adjustments. She keeps the momentum of the class pretty fast so if you’re stumped on a move or footwork, there won’t be any stopping and waiting for you to get it right. However, she will definitely stick around after class to help out, chat, take pictures, and make you feel like you’re taking class from a friend.  


Studio B is a large clean space perfect for a dance class like this. However, as it’s on the second floor of the Bandier store, there isn’t a locker room or showers. The bathroom has a few stalls and is stocked with all the amenities you might need: hair ties, face wash, deodorant, etc. so if you’re not in desperate need for a shower after class, this will suffice. With a large class size and tiny bathroom area, you may need to wait, so we recommend taking that into consideration. Also beware: when exiting class straight into Bandier, it will require a good deal of willpower to not go on a shopping spree.

Studio B at Bandier

164 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010
Flatiron Yoga $$$

Studio B at Bandier

Flatiron Barre, Bootcamp, Dance, HIIT, Pilates, Yoga $$$

164 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010