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byKaitlin McCabe, March 30, 2019

BANDIER’s Studio B has been in need of a revamp, and that process is finally underway. Meanwhile, the class hub for Instagram fitfluencers and celebrity trainers has a pop-up style home base in NoHo.  The studio is located at the back of the pop-up store, which definitely is dangerous for your wallet as your eyes peruse all the sale racks as you walk through.

Studio B features some of the most notable trainers in NYC, as well as their Instafamous clients (i.e. Hannah Bronfman and Arielle Charnas). Bec Donlan’s Babes x Bands class makes regular appearances on the studio’s schedule, and it’s for a good reason. We swear this class will work parts of your butt and thighs you didn’t even know you had.



The Babes x Bands full-body class is entirely based around resistance (“booty”) bands. Fundamental HIIT moves are amplified with the SWB bands, which immediately up the burn for both cardio and strength. We LOVE that this whole class incorporates the band for a full-body impact, rather than using it just as an accessory for a sculpting section. The exercises are great, and the results are evident. We definitely see this class as one you can sample a few times and then replicate at home.

Unfortunately, there was a significant break between each set of circuits. In all fairness, the class happened to be sponsored by a brand that is run by several of Bec’s friends, and she clearly used breaks to network. However, that noticeably impacted the pace of the class. While exercise was highly (repeat, HIGHLY) effective at making our lower body ache, we feel we should have kept the momentum up more to get the best workout.


Bec, AKA the Cake Maker, has a holistic but down-to-earth approach to her craft. And she is for sure a cheeky instructor – pun definitely intended. Her method is effective, and she knows it – and shows that by sweating alongside us during the workout. We loved her candor and her authenticity in class. Out of breath, she would say how f*^king hard that last set was, but she’d still continue to push us harder. She pays close attention to students’ abilities – there are certainly cult class takers in her domain, so she knows their limits and can gauge their need to further challenge themselves or take a step back. We noticed that she tossed some students heavier resistance bands mid-class, and we were impressed that she didn’t let anything slide.

We did, however, struggle to feel fully included in a class filled up with of her Sweat with Bec clique. Bec was of course friendly and welcoming when we introduced ourselves, but she catered the class to her regulars and friends. Considering the class was in partnership with a brand, we can’t fault Bec for giving them extra special attention, but we were disappointed to feel so lost in the scene-y environment.


BANDIER has evolved into what Vogue calls a stylish fitness emporium, and we’d have thought its pop-up class studio would attempt to create that vibe as much as possible. However, the space lacks the glamour and energy of the brand, as if BANDIER is treating it just as temporary space.

The studio space itself is pretty significant, with ample piles of equipment tucked in a corner for class use. In addition to the workout space, the pop-up Studio B offers a decently sized lounge area as well as a changing room, including lockers, curtained-off changing booths, and three bathrooms. There aren’t showers, but the studio offers plenty of primping products to get you cleaned up for work or happy hour.

Studio B at Bandier

636 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
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Studio B at Bandier

SoHo Barre, Bootcamp, Dance, HIIT, Pilates, Yoga $$$

636 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

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