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byAshley Lyddane Beberus, April 22, 2018

We were impressed with Solace New York – it’s a great space and it serves a greater cross section of the fit community in NYC. Solace New York looks like a traditional Crossfit gym but when you dig deeper, it’s more than that. They offer a pay-per class model (like other boutique fitness studios in NYC), several options for a more traditional membership, and private training sessions. Anyone from a hard core Crossfitter to a Crossfit lite/HIIT enthusiast to a yogi can find options at Solace New York due to the diverse class schedule and programs offered. We tried the Body class – it was a killer workout and we felt totally spent by the end of class, but had a blast trying to crush the goals Heather set for us. It was a lot of fun (but hard) and appealed to our competitive side.



What we loved about the class was the variety. We worked in reps for some of the movement but a good chunk of class was interval-based. We used a variety of equipment and body weight as well. We did a short circuit with weight plates, which was challenging because while working your muscles (let’s say biceps for curls), you engage your abs (more so with a plate) and your grip strength. We also did an interval-based circuit (20 seconds on, 20 seconds off) that was bodyweight-focused. We moved between the the pull-up bar and the wall (wall walk ups and wall-supported handstands, and more advanced clients did handstand pushups) primarily, and he threw in some gymnastic ring rows, too.

Even though the class was more strength-focused, that doesn’t mean we didn’t go breathless at times. During the warm-up and the conclusion of class, he had us killing ourselves on the assault bike. The end of class was a 7-minute finisher in which we had to do 15 calories (women) or 20 calories (men) on the bike, followed by 10 kettlebell squats, 8 kettlebell presses, and 6 kettlebell rows. We were using 2 kettlebells (one for each hand) and we had to do the strength circuit twice before we got back on the bike. It may not sound like a lot on paper but just trust us, our hearts were beating out of our chests and we were gasping for air. It was a stark contrast to the strength-based work that led us to this point in the class. Kenny turned it ON.


Kenny is part Crossfit master, part reality TV star, and part model. His class is very strength-focused, whereas other Body classes we’ve taken have more Crossfit elements and HIIT elements woven throughout. For every exercise, Kenny offered advanced options as well as scaled back options, so don’t let your experience (or inexperience) hold you back.



The space was impressive. We especially loved the live wall of moss that spells out Solace New York. The check in process was seamless and the staff was super friendly and welcoming and gave us all the information we needed since it was our first time. There is a lot to look at when you come in – the schedule, all of the merch for sale and the refrigerator with water, cold brew, other assorted drinks and kettlebell kitchen deliveries.

The Body class is held on the same level as the check-in desk. It’s a large “box” type room outfitted with Olympic rings, boxes, rowers, assault bikes, medicine balls, dumbbells and pull-up bars. There is another studio on this level for the yoga, mat-based strength and mobility classes. The basement is dedicated to the hardcore CrossFitters.

The locker room is large and outfitted with reclaimed wood and tile that looks like reclaimed wood, creating a pretty zen feeling which is nice after an intense workout. The lockers have their own combination locks and there is a designated space to hang larger items (coats, dresses, suits, etc.). They have four showers, five toilets, plenty of hair dryers and even hair straighteners! The showers have EO products (shampoo, conditioner and bodywash) and there are other amenities in the locker room as well (q-tips, lotion, tampons, etc.). The locker room space is really nice and works well given the number of people that could potentially be working out on any given day.

Solace New York

38 E 32nd St, New York, NY 10016
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Solace New York

NoMad HIIT, Bootcamp, CrossFit $$$$

38 E 32nd St, New York, NY 10016

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