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byCaitlyn O'Keefe, July 11, 2017

Get ready to be put in the spotlight: Peloton’s Chelsea location is the NYC showroom! You can expect bright lights shining on the instructor and video cameras moving left to right along the ceiling. We were a little distracted by this setup but it was great to see how Peloton operates behind the scene! The Chelsea studio is glamorous and extremely clean, which makes sense for the showroom of a company that sells $2,000 bikes. The customer service was impeccable – from the front desk staff to the bike attendants, Peloton gets an A+ on service. And the amenities are abundant – they offer shoes, towels, and water!



Let’s just say we’ve been to more difficult spin classes. We biked out of the saddle about 80% of the time and hardly ever pushed as hard as we could. There was a lack of focus on turning up the resistance and there was no choreography – just straight spinning. Christine kept it simple. The Peloton bikes are very smooth, which was good for our knees, but we recommend turning up the resistance to get more of a sweat!


Christine is a Master Instructor – she is peppy and gives off positive energy. She reminded us to get out of our heads and just breathe. Her playlist had a lot of rock music, if that’s your thing. Christine focused more on the virtual class than she did the bikers in class, which was not what we were expecting for $32 a class. She could’ve done a better job balancing both audiences. She also let the class fall flat at times – and lacked the ability to pump us up. That said, we’d give her another chance to prove she could do it!


The Peloton Chelsea studio is very clean and posh – it was definitely showroom ready. The studio had stadium seating, but not all bikes were created equal. We sat in the back row and could barely see Christine. Since the studio is so spacious, bikes are spread out, and we were about 20 yards from her. The women’s locker room was spotless and had all the amenities we needed – Malin + Goetz shampoo and conditioner, blow dryers, hair ties, full length mirrors, etc. Peloton also gets an A+ on space. Don’t forget to check out the stylish lounge for some fuel and relaxation!

Peloton Cycle

140 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011
Chelsea Spin $$$$

Peloton Cycle

Chelsea Spin, $$$$

140 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

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