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byCaitlyn O'Keefe, July 11, 2017

A cardio workout plus a bit of mindfulness and meditation sums up Ana’s Thursday 6:30PM class at FlyWheel Tribeca. But make no mistake: zen doesn’t mean lazy. She kept the Torq above 30 and incorporated timed sprints as well. Ana is sweet and composed – she has a soft voice but projects it well so you can hear her wherever you are in the stadium. Be prepared to get aggressive when you enter the FlyWheel Tribeca studio on a Thursday night – it is THE place to be!



Class kicked off out of the saddle with an upbeat song. Unlike most of the FlyWheel instructors we’ve taken, Ana gave us two songs to warm up. The majority of the class consisted of high Torq climbs and timed sprints. We liked how she didn’t just focus on one position, but also noted an overall lack of creativity and choreography to the ride. One major drawback was that the sprints weren’t synched to music. Sometimes we found ourselves going all-out right when the song slowed down or a verse ended. Overall, we could have been motivated a bit more – despite the climbs, we didn’t hit our highest Torq. Our advice it to turn it up on your own and keep pushing!


Ana provided consistent instruction on where we needed to be. She cheered us on throughout class, engaging the riders by yelling “Back row you’re looking good!”, “Tribeca, how we doing?” and radiated positive energy. Her zen-like style is unique, but we would have liked a bit more “umph” to push us to the next level. Her music choice spanned a variety of genres, which was good for a diverse group of riders, but was light on the EDM.


The Tribeca studio is very spacious with a solid layout; however, it felt a bit dated compared to the Chelsea and Flatiron studios. There are individual showers – but no men’s and women’s locker rooms. If you are looking to get changed at the studio before class, we recommend packing in some extra minutes to avoid being late. It is a HOT place to be – you’re in Tribeca after all.

FlyWheel Sports Tribeca

415 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013
Tribeca Spin $$$$

FlyWheel Sports Tribeca

Tribeca Spin, $$$$

415 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013

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