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byHannah Sackett, January 21, 2018

OK, prepare yourself to drink the Kool-aid because it tastes damn good and is gluten free, fat free and whatever else is chic in the nutrition world. BBS, as the kids call it, is brought to you by the LA fitness scene and celebrity trainer/namesake Simone De La Rue. It’s flocked to by the likes of Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, and good old Tay Tay Swift, so naturally we had to see what all the fuss is about. Y’all, we can see how the classes and her 8-week total body makeover truly deliver. The dance-based cardio and strength training structure have us feeling all the burn of a pilates session with all the high flying fun of a broadway choreo routine. The workouts are as hardcore as they are full of sass.



Even before we started the warm up, our hearts started to race a little. The full body classes use no less than four different torture devices (er, toys) that you must grab on the way in. Wrist weights, resistance bands, dumbbells, discs, resistance balls, fitness rings … and on and on and on. BBS’s method is dance-based interval training and for a full body class, the dance portion is about 50%. This includes the renowned and much feared arm section, which looks innocent at first. But since most of us aren’t used to even holding the weight of our own arms, let alone with wrist weights, we can see why it’s challenging. So what do these classes look like? Active stretching warm up, dance cardio, arm work, leg/ass work, dancy cooldown. Now, you may say, “What about abs?”, and to that, the instructors would say, “Girl, you better have had those abs engaged the whole time.” On top of that, each side of arms and legs is held for a minimum of four exercises run through 2-3 times – yeah, even your muscles will scream. But this is the genius part: just like in barre class, small pulsing movements repeated and held are what get those long, lean muscles.


Lindsay, the golden girl, peppy, blonde, tall, with an oh so perfect high kick and smile. There is not a quirky bone in her body because even when she’s being funny or self deprecating, it still comes off as fabulously delicate. Now we know what you’re thinking and before you even go there in your mind – she is crazy, genuinely nice. Her classes are a judgment-free zone, but she does expect you to put in the work. She expects you to lift your leg just a little higher or hold that squat just a few moments longer. And, since her energy is so motivating, you can feel yourself wanting to make her proud. Her pace is pretty damn fast, but not to worry – she gives really clear instructions. She is that secret kind of ass-kicking instructor who will push you to your limit with a smile on, having you convinced that you are totally loving every second.


This space is truly the most “LA” thing we have experienced on this little island of ours. Pretty much every last square inch of this space is immaculate with clean lines. We’re shocked they don’t offer wheat grass shots on the way out. Plus, in a world of dark studios and tight locker rooms, this studio is a breath of fresh air with an insane amount of natural light. Seriously, was this studio designed by some heavenly being? It’s done up in an angelic and glowing white (and gets fabulous natural light). Now, no studio can be perfect and BBS’s downfall is its location. That’s right folks – another studio built a world away out 26th and 11th Ave. Ugghhhhhh… all. the. groans. But, these classes are more than worth the trek. Just be sure to plan ahead for a longer walk or a glorious crosstown bus ride. Oh and for kicks before you go: you HAVE to visit their studio page for Chelsea and go to the instructors section. Smack dab in middle of 14 instructor portraits is one sole man, Colin King. You go Colin CoCo!

Body By Simone Chelsea

606 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001
Chelsea Dance $$$$

Body By Simone Chelsea

Chelsea Barre, Dance $$$$

606 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001

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