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byAshley Lyddane Beberus, March 4, 2018

The NYSC Lab is a fitness destination where you can take BFX, Tone House and Cyc classes. Accordingly, it’s a hot spot, teeming with a sea of fitness enthusiasts. When we arrived at NYSC Lab on 3rd Avenue UES, we landed on a BFX Endure class, which is a balanced test of strength and cardio endurance. The workout was a straightforward circuit (almost simplistic) but it most certainly got the job done. Rachel was friendly and welcoming from the get-go, not to mention a great coach during class. If you’re looking for a well-balanced workout but don’t want to get absolutely crushed, this would be a great class to take.



Our workout consisted of nine stations, each four minutes long. Eight of the nine stations were done in a tabata style (40 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest, four times through) and the ninth station (rowing) was four minutes straight. The stations were a great mix of strength and cardio-based movements, which made for a well-rounded workout. For our cardio stations, we jumped rope, ran up and down the stairs, did burpees and rowed. Our strength stations consisted of three stations with kettlebells and two stations with a Lynx board, which is a board that creates a surface without friction. We used the Lynx board for hamstring curls and pikes – they were absolute killers even if you did them slowly. We didn’t have to hit a certain number of meters during our four minutes of rowing and there were no parameters on how heavy (or light) our kettlebells needed to be so it was a “choose your own adventure” workout good for varying levels of fitness. However, if you chose to push yourself (even moderately), the workout was challenging and certainly lived up to its name by testing our endurance.


Rachel was friendly and upbeat from the moment we met her. She made a point of asking each of us our names and remembered them after hearing them once. She started class by talking us through the workout and demonstrating some of the less obvious moves before we warmed up. Rachel was on the ball with her timekeeping, had a great playlist (dominated by hip hop) and was encouraging throughout class. There were only three of us in class (we blame Labor Day Weekend) so she was able to roam the room and give us targeted feedback on our form. Rachel gave us a really nice cool down and stretch which she didn’t rush through.  


Although the NYSC Lab has NYSC in the name, it in no way resembles a New York Sports Club. The NYSC Lab houses BFX, Tone House and Cyc. When you walk in on street level, there’s a desk to check in. BFX classes are held in an open concept space on this main level (just past check in). Tone House and Cyc each have their own spaces downstairs.

That’s also where you’ll find a communal locker area with keyless lockers, showers/changing rooms and bathrooms, which are shared by BFX, Tone House and Cyc. The shower/changing rooms are quite large. The showers have shampoo, conditioner and body wash and the changing part of the room has a big mirror outfitted with a small counter with tissues, spray deodorant, q-tips, body lotion, a hair dryer and plastic baggies. Basically everything you need after class can be found in these rooms.

The women’s bathroom only has three toilets but it’s big with a large amount of counter space offering another place to get ready if needed. The bathroom also has useful amenities like deodorant, tissues and body lotion in case you need them.

NYSC Lab Third Avenue

1231 Third Avenue New York, NY 10021
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NYSC Lab Third Avenue

Upper East Side HIIT, $$$$

1231 Third Avenue New York, NY 10021

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