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byAshley Lyddane Beberus, December 18, 2017

Located in Midtown, The Training Lab is best described as a mix between a fitness boutique and a private training experience. The class is small: the maximum number of students in any given class is 12 people which ensures that you get the most out of class. The price point for The Training Lab is a bit higher than other studios ($39 for one class) but the studio is well appointed, the workout is difficult and the staff is dedicated to getting the most out of you; it’s a well spent investment in yourself.



The workout was hard and you should be prepared for anything because the format of class is always different. On this day, Ruben weaved functional strength, cardio, and weight training into our workout and it felt like we were training for something, not merely working out. We warmed up with a few laps (jogging) and side shuffles on the turf. We incorporated weights with plate pushes (Reuben gave out 25-pound plates and higher) and lunges with the plate over our heads. He then led us through some full body and ab exercises to round out the first part of our workout. The workout didn’t take long to get difficult – a good indication that the remainder of class would be next level. Our gut feeling was validated as Reuben lined us up for suicides on the turf.

After our heart rates came down (a smidge), we got into a circuit consisting of 20 bench presses on the rack and 20 TRX pushups and lunges with the plate over our heads (down and back on the turf). As we write this out, it doesn’t sound like a lot but when we were in the thick of it – it was brutal. Everyone in the class went at their own pace and Reuben was there to encourage each of us as we tried to complete the task at hand. For those who finished the circuit on the early side, Reuben prescribed a 25-calorie burn on the assault bike until the rest of class caught up. We were exhausted after the circuit but we still had to run the stairs of the studio (3x) before our cool down jog, jacks and a nice stretch to close out class.


Ruben is the Training Lab owner so he knows his stuff. He’s a former Marine (a lot of the instructors are), so you can rest assured you’re in great hands. He was a little soft spoken at first but as class progressed, it became apparent that he was totally dialed in on each person in class. He had the ability to tap into us on an individual level and push us harder, through the limits we often set for ourselves. He wanted us to acknowledge that we were stronger and could push our pace or weight selection. He balanced the group fitness vs. individual training aspect of the class with ease. Reuben got the best out of us and we left class feeling stronger and proud for completing such a dynamic and challenging workout.


When you first walk into The Training Lab, they have a large desk outfitted with iPads for check-in. They have towels available as well as water, Gatorade and Muscle Milk for sale. They have some tee-shirts, tanks and Swell bottles available for purchase as well if you’re in the market for swag.

The locker rooms are around the corner from the check-in desk but they don’t have toilets in them. The toilets are around the opposite side of the desk, so don’t get caught off guard. The locker room has several lockers with digital touchpad locks as well as cubbies for larger hanging items (coats, suits, dresses, etc.). There are only two showers but they are extremely clean and outfitted with shampoo, conditioner and body wash. There are several hair dryers and amenities should you need them.

The Training Lab gym is industrial-looking with exposed vents and reclaimed wood beams. It’s outfitted like a full service gym because they have private training clients in addition to small classes. They have all the “toys” you could ever need for your workout: rowers, TRX, medicine balls, boxes, free weights, kettlebells, benches, Assault bikes, a treadmill, hurdles, ladders, sandbags and the turf. Class can truly go in any direction given the sheer amount of equipment they have available.


The Training Lab

28 West 37th Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10018
Midtown HIIT $$$$$

The Training Lab

Midtown HIIT, Bootcamp $$$$$

28 West 37th Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10018

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