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byRebecca Licht, July 11, 2017

Fly60 always leaves us drenched with sweat and Sergei’s Bieber-filled Wednesday night class was no exception. He brings a lot of energy to the workout and makes sure to keep things varied and moving quickly so the 60 minutes, while difficult, felt like they flew by. Flywheel’s Lincoln Square studio is enormous, clean and well-stocked with amenities.



Sergei started off his Fly60 workout by reminding us to pace ourselves for the whole hour, which we definitely appreciated. Then we got right into some jams and a sprinting warm-up. Over the first twenty minutes of class, we built up to some pretty difficult hill sections, but Sergei let us come down and ride some flat road after each of them, which helped flush out our legs and keep us moving quickly. After one two-song hill, we crested the top and raced 60 seconds to the end of the song, which was a surefire way to start breathing really quickly.

Throughout the middle of class, Sergei kept the mood light even as we started to get tired. He bounced between singing along to Bieber songs, doing some bike dancing with tap backs and crunches, and a few quick pushes. We raced two more times in this middle section of class before arms and were really looking forward to the break on our legs. Flywheel arms sections usually start with bicep curls with the large two and four pound bars provided and then progress into a few other types of movements before concluding with tricep kickbacks. We loved that in this class, Sergei also had us drop our bars in the middle of the section and race for 30 seconds. We had a power score to beat and any additional push was super helpful! After arms, we powered through the last three songs, punctuated by a few rounds of tabata where we were up off the bike and then back down on it for 15 seconds at a time. We were simultaneously energized and thoroughly wiped out by the end of class.


No complaints from us about Sergei! He was enthusiastic, knew his music back to front, did all the moves right along with us, and choreographed a good class. We sometimes felt he could have added a little more motivation, and he’s not the cheerleader type that you sometimes see in spin class, but we liked his intensity a lot. It’s always a good sign when your spin instructor is sweating and out of breath as much as you are! Extra points to Sergei for admitting his affection for Justin Bieber, who definitely deserves his place on so many spin class mixes these days.


Flywheel’s Lincoln Square studio has an amply-sized waiting room, a number of changing rooms, and a whole extra floor of fun with its barre studio and four showers downstairs in the basement. When you walk into the studio, a large and wide storefront on Amsterdam Avenue, you notice the merchandise for sale on the right hand side of the desk. There are multiple racks for coats in the winter time, a whole staging area for people waiting for spin class, and the free apples and bananas Flywheel is known for. We’re always excited about Flywheel’s freebies, from the bobby pins/hair elastics/Bliss beauty products in the bathroom, to the fact that you never have to pay for shoes or water when you come to class. Flywheel takes great care of its riders, and they also take great care of this Lincoln Square studio. 

FlyWheel Sports Lincoln Square

150 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023
Columbus Circle Spin $$$$

FlyWheel Sports Lincoln Square

Columbus Circle Spin, $$$$

150 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023

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