Fierce Grace NYC – Lower East Side

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byKaitlin McCabe, June 28, 2019

Fierce Grace NYC is the first US location of the British yoga brand, and we hope more are to come! With classes based in hatha, Bikram and Ashtanga yoga with some fun explorations of heated pilates and HIIT, the studio offers options for practitioners with a wide range of experience, time constraints and moods. From yoga novices to advanced clients, Fierce Yoga appeals to any and all clients seeking a great workout for the body and the mind.



The Fix is Fierce Grace’s condensed version of their classic workout, with some added surprises. This is a super-charged class with a focus on arms, abs and stamina. During this class, you’ll hold challenging poses for a significant length of time (as per tradition), but the transitions will be faster. There will not be frequent moments to take breaks during the class, as the Fix is designed to get the most bang for your buck in the 50 minutes you’re on the mat. Between the flow and savasana, there is a truly killer core section that will get you quivering, if you aren’t already! Since the Fix primarily uses balance poses, we were extremely grateful of this short active segment to get our hearts pumping. Who knew that boat pose could be such a good cardio burst!?!


Christopher is positive, gentle and encouraging. He beautifully demonstrated various poses and transitions while assuring us that certain sequences were challenging for himself as well. His energy was contagious – sweat was dripping down our bodies in the most disgusting and uncomfortable ways possible, but we were laughing and smiling because of his humor and candor. Christopher effortlessly created a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere from the start of class and treated old and new clients alike as dear friends. If you’re new to yoga or just to Fierce Grace, Christopher is an amazing instructor with whom to practice.


Fierce Grace has one studio offering classes throughout the day. Each locker room includes several showers and one private bathroom. The studio provides shampoo, conditioner and body wash, as well as a hair dryer, inside their locker rooms, as well several options to store your belongings during class (hangers, lockers, cubbies). The locker room is spacious, but the area around the mirror definitely gets crowded very quickly post-class. The studio provides mats free of charge (a major win for commuters!), but all towels are available with an additional fee. While you’re in the space, definitely take a look at the cute Fierce Grace merchandise at the front of the studio. From athleisure to branded water bottles, you can drop loads of money for the awesome swag there before even stepping into class!

Fierce Grace NYC – Lower East Side

172 Allen St, New York, NY 10002
Lower East Side Yoga $$$

Fierce Grace NYC – Lower East Side

Lower East Side Yoga, $$$

172 Allen St, New York, NY 10002

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