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byAshley Lyddane Beberus, November 27, 2017

The Fhitting Room is one of our all time faves. It is a fun, dynamic, kick-ass workout. It is Crossfit-esque but for the masses. There are no Olympic lifts but you’ll find ski ergs, rowers, battle ropes, med balls, Kettlebells, weights, and more. The structure of the workout makes the class go by quickly. You are never in something for too long, so you battle your way through it and then it’s on to the next thing. The element that we love is the two instructors in every class, and our experience at Fhitting Room UES was no different. They have a great energy together and you always feel like someone is there to coach you, correct your form and push you harder. Beware, The Fhitting Room is addicting.



When you enter the studio, you find the spot you signed up for and get ready for the workout. The workout is written on the whiteboard in the back of the room, and sometimes it’s better that you don’t look … We did a five block workout which is standard for the Signature FHIX. The blocks were named (on the whiteboard) as follows: warm up, intervals, circuit and FHIX.  

Block number one was the warmup; we did jumping jacks, hip openers, planks and squat thrusters. Block number two – intervals – had us doing as many reps as possible of three moves in the time allotted. The three moves were burpees (one minute), Kettlebell swings (two minutes) and then burpees again (one minute). They gave benchmarks for us to hit (25-20 burpees, around 60 Kettlebell swings) but they were not strict about them. The instructors were conscious that two minutes for the Kettlebell swings was a lot and they wanted us to reset after about 10-15 to avoid back pain/strain. The third block was the longest. For the circuit, we broke up into stations around the room where we did 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off for three rounds, after which we rotated to the next station. This circuit included the Assault bike, Kettlebell presses, Ski Erg, Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk, high knees over hurdles and JG pushups (pushups on suspension training straps like TRX). The final block was the FHIX, aka the big finish! It started with 20 sit ups and then we went into three exercises which we did four times through (six tricep pushups, eight froggers, and 10 alternating dumbbell snatches) and ended with another set of 20 sit ups. We had five minutes to finish the FHIX and if you finished early you held a plank. By the time the class finished, most people wanted to take a nap on the floor instead of stretching out.


The dynamic of two instructors is awesome – seriously, we wish more places had this set up. Dennys (pronounced Dennis) and Farouk were clearly so happy to be teaching together and they were having a great time. Their energy, chemistry and fun spirit permeated the studio and created a really great atmosphere. They always had eyes on the class and they were able to push each person through the workout at one point or another, which we appreciated, because personal attention is hard to come by sometimes. They were very conscious of the interval timing and would give us 3, 2, 1 countdowns when needed. They demonstrated everything so we knew what we were doing and they had modifications ready to go if anyone needed them. They had a killer playlist and although we were working hard, it was a really fun 50 minutes. They love being there and working hard for you, so in turn you want to work hard for them.


The actual studio is great – it’s a functional space for the workout; but the Penthouse overall is really small. It’s called the Penthouse only because you are on the top floor of the building. When you get into the building, you walk up five flights of stairs (there is an elevator but you’re there to workout so….). You’ll pass Flybarre, Flywheel and SLT on the way to the top floor.

When you walk in the Fhitting Room door, you’re basically at the check-in desk. There is Fhitting Room merch to be had if you want a tee-shirt, tank, leggings, a water bottle or a hat. Not much of a selection but that is due to the lack of space. They have a bench seat for you to wait on if you get there before your class. It feels like you’re always in someone’s way but that’s NYC for you.

There are digital lockers for your stuff and three bathrooms. There are NO SHOWERS so if you are accustomed to showering post-workout, you’ll need to make other plans. The bathrooms do have some deodorant if you need a quick hit before (or after) class. They have a filtered water fountain for you to fill your bottle but no water to buy so be sure to think ahead if you need water for your workout.

Fhitting Room Upper East Side

201 E 67th St, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10065
Upper East Side HIIT $$$$

Fhitting Room Upper East Side

Upper East Side HIIT, $$$$

201 E 67th St, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10065

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