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byRebecca Licht, October 1, 2017

More than any other barre class we’ve ever tried, Bar Method focuses on body positioning. I have never sweat in a Bar Method class but I often feel very sore the next day. Home of many small riser mats, emphasis on hip flexor comfort (that’s good, we have terrible hip flexors), and the best and most effective stretching section known to the NY fitness scene. Must have something to do with those mats!



Jose led us through a brief warmup and arms section with very light weights that focused on tricep toning, then we moved into the legs section. Bar Method always focuses on stretching before and after using a particular muscle group, which we think is very effective. The legs section on this day included lunges and a tuck series at the barre, from which we got down on our knees under the barre on mats to start working glutes with side leg lifts. Almost the entire second half of class focused on abs, from a section under the barre with flat back that worked our obliques, to a section that included c curve hold on the mat. We ended with another great stretching section and felt very refreshed for the rest of the day.


We loved Jose and would definitely go back and take his class! We like that he is bringing barre to more men, and there was a better gender split in this class than any barre section we’ve ever seen. He provided helpful and personalized feedback on body positioning which we loved, and called everyone by name – so impressive! He might have gotten our name wrong but we appreciated the effort, as it was a huge class. Jose’s music was a good mix of early 2000s rock and pop. If you like an encouraging personalized instructor, try his class.


In a residential building in Brooklyn, two very white studios. Smallish bathroom and very minimal retail section, really with only socks and water bottles to purchase, but we love the amenities, the super soft towels, and the wallpaper, which is a tongue-in-cheek Brooklyn blue & white chinoiserie pattern, complete with little blue flowers and little blue Brooklyn landmarks, from Coney Island to the Orthodox Jewish section of Williamsburg. There are two showers to use. Super awesome aesthetic overall and very friendly staff.

The Bar Method Brooklyn Cobble Hill

267 Pacific St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Cobble Hill Barre $$$$

The Bar Method Brooklyn Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill Barre, $$$$

267 Pacific St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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