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byKaitlin McCabe, June 28, 2019

F45 Training takes functional exercises to a whole new level. Lifting, Squatting, Jumping, Twisting, Pulling, Pushing, Punching, Kicking, Rowing, Biking – these movements are the core of F45 Training, no matter which different daily workout you take. F45 Training merges HIIT, circuit training, and functional training into one intense group training experience into 35 themed workout experiences that are constantly evolving. Want to focus on building total body strength with weighted exercises? There’s a class for that. Want to pretend you’re a Hollywood stunt double? There’s actually a class for that, too. If you find yourself in the Lower East Side, or you’re able to easily make the journey to Ludlow, you can’t miss out on this sneaky challenging workout studio.



The focus of F45 Training’s Foxtrot class is to reach maximum cardio threshold and maintain it for as long as possible. This workout will keep your heart rate up during the 45-second set, keeping you panting during each recovery break. All the exercises are demoed right at the start of class, in the order of the circuit. We loved that even the modifications were challenging to all fitness levels. Following the demoing and class intros, we jumped right into the warm up. For a morning class, this was no joke. The warm up quickly gets you moving and sweating. There’s no gentle stretch here – it’s high knees and burpees from the get-go. The latest Foxtrot routine included 11 workouts that use a combination of bodyweight, machines and weighted equipment. There is no “basic” exercise here – we paired jump lunges with a weighted pole and burpees with bench jumps. Also, each exercise worked multiple muscle groups throughout the body, making for a true total body experience. Each station had so many options to explore and challenge our bodies. It was clear that F45 Training cares about progress and encouraging students to push themselves to new limits.


Katherine’s motivation and encouragement from the start of her early-morning class made us forget that we were actually drenched with sweat. She was bubbly, but she took our workouts very seriously. Her instructions for each exercise were top-notch, and she demonstrated modifications from the start so that all fitness levels in the class felt comfortable. Throughout class, Katherine noticed each student and offered support, modifications and adjustments when necessary. She artfully pushed us without us actually thinking she was pushing us – which made the workout all the more fun and challenging.


When you first arrive, the LES location can be a bit unsettling. The giant F45 sign outside is a dead giveaway to the studio’s location, but you have to navigate through the tucked away LES side streets, away from most lines of public transportation, to get there. When you finally arrive, there’s no concierge or front desk area to welcome you or show you around. Instead, you sort of just walk right into the workout space. In order to get to the lockers and changing room, you need to find the right moment to cut through the class and not interrupt anyone’s workout. If you’re awake and alert, you’ll wait to make a run for it during a recovery period, but it’s an awkward navigational situation no matter when you make your move. The F45 changing rooms, tucked away in the lower level of the studio, are stocked with great products. The showers are spacious and new, and the entire changing space offers enough room for handfuls of clients trying to get ready for the workday or happy hour. F45 Training facilities all incorporate advanced technology systems. There are small TVs mounted on the wall of the studios provide a clear, station-by-station diagram for each daily workout. Though we at first thought the videos were excessive, we were thankful for the visual instructions when we lost track of which exercise we needed to complete at each new station!

F45 Training – Lower East Side

145 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002
Lower East Side HIIT $$$$

F45 Training – Lower East Side

Lower East Side HIIT, Bootcamp $$$$

145 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002

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