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byRebecca Licht, October 22, 2017

Xtend Barre is a different kind of barre class than the typical low-key toning you may expect when you show up in a class in your sock feet – expect jumps, choreography, and a lot of sweat. We love this neighborhood studio tucked away in Brooklyn Heights, with its encouraging but tough instructors, the airy space, and the ever-changing jams that provide the soundtrack to each class. We almost don’t want to tell you how much we love Xtend Barre lest the studio get overcrowded – but come here. Get on the subway. Brooklyn’s not so far away after all.



Xtend classes are never the same, but we always know we’ll be sweating from the get-go. In this particular class, we were asked to grab an exercise ball to hang onto for the warm-up in order to get some resistance in with our choreography, which included lunges, second position hops, and a series of relevees from side to side.

Our ten-ish minute warmup concluded with an introduction to arms – which used smaller weights than we have seen in other barre classes, and quicker, repetitive compound movements. With two pound weights in hand, we continued with the pattern of lunges, this time adding in some hammer curls, bicep curls, and side raises. The arms section also worked our triceps and shoulder muscles through a few “swimming” type moves, as well as standard triceps raises, done quickly and for what seemed like a long time. We got rid of our weights and proceeded to some pushups followed by plank runs – and again, this is all in the first 20 minutes of class!

The next segment of class was all done at the barre for thighs and glutes. We engaged in a number of second position knee bends, knee lifts, and then hops for maximum cardio impact, followed by some choreography that burned our thighs and led us to some high kicks. This was then repeated on the other side and followed by a lengthy foldover series which focused on moving our leg sideways and diagonally. We were told this would carve out a strong and toned side seat. Xtend class ends with some ab work, which in this case was a series of glute bridges and oblique crunches.


Amber is frankly the best. She is constantly coming up with new choreography especially designed to make the small muscles in your abs and butt burn as much as possible. She gets to know all class-goers by name and does not shy away from making small corrections to form. She isn’t shy with the praise, either, which always helps motivate us to improve our form. We like that Amber can be focused on form and direct a difficult class while also letting her bubbly, outgoing personality shine through. We also love that she tries to insert a bit of her preferred disco and eighties music into every class.


Owner Kristine keeps her studio and locker room area spotless. You enter the studio and climb a flight of stairs in an apartment building to the second floor, which opens up into a lobby area with light wood floors and walls painted in shades of gray and teal. While there are no showers, there are three changing stalls and two bathrooms, as well as small lockers in which to store belongings. The primary studio is on the second floor just beyond the front desk, and, like the lobby, features a lot of natural light. There is also a second, smaller studio upstairs which is used for private barre or Pilates training, classes with smaller groups, and babysitting (which is offered during some weekday class times). We also find the front desk staff to be super friendly to both new class attendees and studio regulars. The space is off a quiet street one block from the Borough Hall subway station, which covers most major subway lines and is only one stop into Brooklyn.

Xtend Barre Brooklyn Heights

47 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Brooklyn Heights Barre $$$$

Xtend Barre Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights Barre, $$$$

47 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11201