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byTali Sandel, March 30, 2019

If Physique 57’s workout doesn’t get your heart racing, the brand new facilities at their Soho location definitely will. We opted in for their Signature II class, and definitely didn’t regret our decision to level up. One of the harder barre classes in the city, Physique 57 is definitely worth the designer price (and not just for the insta). This amazing workout is no secret to those who frequent boutique studio classes in Manhattan, as classes are consistently almost over-packed. The class had us sweating the second we walked in the room, though that might have been due to the lack of A/C and the crowded studio. While we definitely want to come back for class, it will not be during peak workout hours.



Our class consisted of many classic barre exercises for a full body workout, but with heavier weights, longer holds, and more intense micro-movements. We started the Signature II class with a short warm-up, including 5lb weights (minimum) for arm work and some planks. From there comes the most grueling part, as confirmed by all the grunts in the room: LEGS! After two rounds of seriously intense thighs, those who could still move began thigh dancing to some Beyonce.  It was definitely a … vibe.

Next up was glutes, and while we definitely felt the burn, the class was so full we didn’t get any modifications from our instructor, Caitlin. Despite this lack of attention, we loved the additional challenges she included for an extra push. By the end of glutes, the room was so hot the mirrors were steaming! (Did we accidentally walk into the Equinox steam room?) We closed out the class with about ten minutes of ab work on the floor and a quick stretch – then sprinted out of the studio to beat the herds of other ladies to the showers.


Caitlin’s explanations were spot on and her energy was contagious throughout the whole class. Her music, which was all 90’s and early 00’s, was timed perfectly and distracted us from our pain just enough to get us through each movement. It was clear she knew exactly what she was doing; we just wish she was a bit more hands-on with adjustments. Given the large class, she did her best to spread her attention and managed to keep everyone motivated for the full hour.


The new space is clean, spacious, and perfectly designed for your “I swear I worked out” IG post. The check-in desk is always friendly and, for an added bonus, there are always apples! The locker rooms are perfect for those who want to shower after class, and provide enough space for those busy weekday mornings when everyone is regretting their decision to go to work. Despite their two large studios and busy schedule, classes are always extremely full and hot (don’t forget to hydrate and dress light!). Socks are a must, and while they don’t require grippy socks, we do recommend them as the studio floors are a bit slippery.

Physique 57 Spring Street

180 6th Ave, New York, NY 10013
SoHo Barre $$$$

Physique 57 Spring Street

SoHo Barre, $$$$

180 6th Ave, New York, NY 10013

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