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byHannah Sackett, August 26, 2017

“Call of meeeeee! Call on meee!” Don’t know what I am talking about. Google arguably one of the sexist workout music videos of all time, Eric Prydz’s “Call on Me”.  Now that is your sculpt class at DanceBody. Ok ok so there is less neon spandex but all of the important tenants are there. The ass kicking, hip thrusting, full body workout that you would get with say a Body by Simone type class – but less perfect and smiley and more sex appeal. DanceBody classes, let alone sculpt, are not for the weak of spirit. As the immortal Britney said, “You Better Work Bitch”! But, you will NEVER lack for fun. And by then end you might even be feelin’ yourself. Just saying.



A real buttkicker – literally (said with full sincerity and not in the millennial way). We don’t know about you but you may think you have a strong lower body or that you are really working your glutes. But classes like this area really where those skills are put to the test – there are at least 4 different types of leg lifts! With the use of a variety of equipment (wrist weights, ankle weights, hand weights, and resistance bands) for isolated movements –  tricep extensions, toe touch crunches, and more – it is no surprise that dancers have these fabulously toned, lean bodies! The class itself is broken into 3 sections, upper body, lower body, and abs with a speed that is part dance cardio and part hip aerobics class. Did I mention that you are even wearing the wrist and ankle weights during the dance portions.  Burn baby burn indeed.


Julia is elegant as she is sharp in all of her moves. She moves seamlessly from an arabesque to a body roll. Oh and did we mention how jacked she is? Like crazy jacked arms that make you wonder how many jars she could open in succession…. No? Anyone else have this issue? Seriously though, this DWTS workout thing – we have to crack this code people! As a dancer she is precise, but as an instructor she is all smiles while giving you the sweat of your life. She knows how difficult some of the workout is, she totally sympathizes, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting off easy. Her transitions are quick and her explanations brief – but these behaviors are totally in line with the advanced level that she teaches her classes.


Of all of DanceBody studio locations, this is the “airiest”. Yes, you heard us right, that’s how we are going to describe it. Now let’s explain why. Overlooking the fact that it is a 5th story walk up. Bitter now. Over it quickly. We are New Yorkers after all and have millions of other things to be ticked off about. And hey, consider it a bonus “warm up”! Let’s just say Victoria Secret would be proud to scout this studio out for a fabulous activewear shoot. We can almost picture Gigi Hadid perfectly gliding around in ballerina meets street style attire. It pretty much glows with natural light and makes you feel incredibly “legit” while sweating your tits off and pretending to be a “dancer”. Outside of the studio itself, it has all of the trappings of your high school theater department – old bathrooms, less of a locker space and more of a “toss your shit anywhere” vibe, and flyers for every production coming to an off off off broadway theater near you.

DanceBody Tribeca

380 Broadway, New York, NY 10013
Tribeca Dance $$$$

DanceBody Tribeca

Tribeca Dance, $$$$

380 Broadway, New York, NY 10013

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