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byHannah Sackett, July 11, 2017

“Arms, Abs, Legs” is the ever-chanted mantra of this studio, where the workouts are built around rowing (as you can imagine). Row House, like its competitors, is changing the “rowing game” making the sport–which works 85% of your muscles–more approachable to the masses. For those of us fitness newbies, the SoulCycle-esque mood setting technique and low-impact nature are super attractive and get us motivated. For those of us looking for a bit more of a fitness challenge, we may find this workout a little “watered down”.



The Full Body 45 classes are broken into three sections: warm up, interval and distance. Each class begins with a full rundown of erg metrics (split time, stroke rate and meters rowed) and a breakdown of the stroke, layering in each movement of the body. During the two five minute, conditioning sessions (jump squats, side planks, walk outs) between each section, you are pushed to maintain stamina. Sadly, during this class, one of the conditioning sessions was turned into a stretch, which made us feel a bit robbed of the extra opportunity to push ourselves.


We love a friendly teacher. It helps make them more likable even during those curse-worthy challenges within the class. So, we were a bit put off that Stacy did not take the time to greet us or introduce herself individually, even though many of us were early arrivals. There was just a lot of silence followed by a hurried introduction and then class started. Her focus was on the new “row to the beat” program she was testing. A cool concept, but something we felt distracted her from instructing and us from keeping good form. Needless to say, we didn’t leave the room feeling super motivated or accomplished.


Row House, located in Chelsea, doesn’t look like much from the street level (small entrance, tall stairway). But your perception certainly changes upon arrival. It’s the perfect size for the number of participants coming and going, there’s hardly ever congestion. Even the two stall and two shower bathrooms feel super spacious. The very upbeat vibe, tons of color decor (row house-themed of course) and a friendly, knowledgeable staff make it incredibly welcoming. Forget hair ties, shampoo, or conditioner? No problem! And, with the 1 subway line to one end of the block and the C,E to the other, the location can’t be beat.  

Added Bonus: If you are attending a class in the spring and summer, you can stay and enjoy some time on their outdoor terrace after class (yep, you read that right). Even when the weather is not warm, this studio creates a very social atmosphere with “Rose & Ride” or “Singles Mingle” type themed events post ride. Talk about a #fitfam sense of community.  

Row House Chelsea

269 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011
Chelsea Rowing $$$

Row House Chelsea

Chelsea Rowing, $$$

269 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

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