The Bar Method – Upper West Side

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byHeidi Borenstein, July 2, 2019

Walking into The Bar Method on the upper west side, we were immediately shocked by how cute the studio was. We were welcomed by a friendly front desk staff, given a full tour, and then ushered in to class which started on time, right down to the second. Shockingly full for a weekday mid-morning class, this studio has a strong community vibe. The workout followed the typical barre formula: arm-focused weighted warm-up, things, butt, and abs, but perhaps lacked a certain je ne sais quoi to make it really spark.



In true barre fashion, we were told to grab two sets of weights and head to a spot on the floor for a weighted warm up. Class turnover here is fast, so while we were still deciding which weights to grab, the rest of the veterans were already warming up, so we grabbed two sets and dashed to a spot on the floor. The warm-up lasted 15 minutes and included lots of bicep curls, tricep kick backs, push ups and squat holds. Following the warm-up, we headed to the barre for three thigh segments and only one butt focused segment. We definitely like lifting and toning the booty, especially with summer on the way, so what could have made this workout a little more well rounded (pardon the pun), would have been another section focusing on the glutes. Additionally, barre is super form-focused, but at times we felt unsure of whether or not we were doing the right thing since not all moves were demonstrated by the instructor. Last but not least, we worked our abs on the floor and at the barre and then ended with a stretch and cool down.


Going along with the community feel of this studio, Caitlin seemed to know everyone’s name in the class, and frequently addressed people by name when calling out corrections. While Caitlin was definitely on the ball in verbally correcting form, what could have made the class even better would have been if she had done more at the barre demonstrations of the routine. Her energy level was high, and personality peppy, though at times perhaps sounded a bit scripted as she ran the class.


Walking in the door of The Bar Method, we did not expect such a large space! Two big mirrored studios, a giant locker room with fully stocked showers and vanity stations, and a ton of high quality merchandise to peruse. Grippy socks are a requirement for these classes, and available for purchase should you forget yours at home. Additionally, awesome brands like Beyond Yoga, along with jewelry, water bottles, candles and other accessories are stocked.

The Bar Method – Upper West Side

2387 Broadway, New York, NY 10024
Upper West Side Barre

The Bar Method – Upper West Side

Upper West Side Barre,

2387 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

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