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byHannah Sackett, April 22, 2018

Any other non-yogis who want to find some way to get your stretch on that doesn’t involve tucking within an inch of your life or equipment that looks like it belongs in a 1950s psych ward? (No offense pilates…we love ya, but I mean it’s true.) For those of you non-namasters out there, you have GOT to check out the ultra cool, edgy, non-traditional yoga classes at Y7. We have got 4 words for you: hot, candlelight, hip-hop, yoga.

This isn’t regular yoga, this is cool yoga. That same badass feeling you get from a Barrys or SOUL class you are also going to get here. Their studios are littered with perfectly applicable lines from hip-hop classics or in homage to the genre. The main class is called “We Flow Hard”. And everything from the walls to the gear they sell to the tile in the bathrooms is black. Like our soul. Ok, ok, just kidding…..  Our point is, that this is an ultra cool experience for the mind and body that between the bumping music & the darkness, helps you stay in the zone and not feel judged. Y7 classes are open to students of truly EVERY LEVEL with modifications options being shared like mono at a middle school dance. Plus you don’t have to be an expert or have a definition guide for yoga terminology – everything is described super clearly. Oh and did we mention that everyone ends up pretty much half naked? Being the truly no judgemental zone that it is and the studio being a balmy 90 degrees, stripping layers off during practice is fairly common. You are going to want to leave the long lulus at home and consider bringing a back up tank for after class.  



So what EXACTLY are you getting out of this non-traditional yoga quest? An hour long vinyasa flow style class that has 3 different flows segmented into 3 different sections. First, you take a slow burn, breaking down each pose and holding it for several breaths. Second comes “one breath, one movement” where you flow from one pose to the next in line with your breathing. Finally, you take the flow on your own. At this point the music goes up and you can start to freestyle a bit adding additional poses, headstands, maybe even an difficult toehold – woah living on the edge! Once you reach that final flow you think, oh man bring on the savasana (aka a beautiful mini nap for those who don’t speak yogi). But before you can get to that sweet promised land, you have to get through what is called the “final push” or “final work”. This can range from a one legged bridge series to, an ab crunching boat pose raise and lower, to an extra long plank.  

Guys we waffled over the rating on this one…ooooh waffles. This is a phenomenal workout experience for the body and mind, but we have a tough time gauging the level of effort we are exuding. It is a phenomenal mind cleansing experience. Seriously – the way that we and our friends can best describe the feeling after class is we feel “reborn”. No we aren’t over exaggerating this workout is an incredibly spiritual as well as physical one. Now, are you going to have all of the answers to your problems solved and have total clarity of mind – no flipping way (you find us a class that can and we will buy a 30 pack tomorrow). BUT, in the insanely chaotic city we live in we find ourselves much more centered after leaving.  


Ughhhh we hate to do this, but we have to give you people the god’s honest truth. Lindsey was just not the instructor for us. Everything from her periodic passive aggressive comments peppered throughout class like seasoning to her air of self importance rubbed us the wrong way. She was truly the antithesis of everything that we have come to love about Y7. And yes this studio seriously colors outside of the lines in its style but yoga instruction has to bring some sense calm and serene energy to the room. Am I right? Thank god there was no singling out (one of our biggest pet peeves!) otherwise we might have walked out.

Outside of the personality and teaching style she didn’t necessarily bring anything unique to the practice itself. She certainly focused a bit more on some of the more challenging poses – in case we didn’t already feel shitty about how we were doing – aka lots of of half moon, crow, and flying pigeon. And hey, we don’t mind a good challenge but tone and presentation are everything. You get us motivated, we’ll burpee, box jump, or handstand our little hearts out. But, it’s all about the way you ask 😉  


The entire experience from checking in to finding a spot in the room to taking class gives on an ACTUAL “non-judgemental yoga” vibe. And don’t look as us like you don’t know what we are talking about. In many studios Namaste is actually yogi for  mean F*&# You (think the south and “Bless Your Heart”). Speaking of which, the staff at this location toe the line a bit between presenting the true welcoming “Y7 Experience” and being too cool to talk to you, or get you a towel, or you know…. Check you in. They don’t quite have a snooty vibe but they certainly are not nearly as warm as our other experiences at Flatiron, Union Square, SoHo, or in Brooklyn.

Outside of this, the Y7 brand is on point and well displayed at this location. The dressing, locker, shower, bathroom is quite spacious with 2 single stall shower rooms (one of the few locations that actually has them), 2 private changing areas with doors (not curtains), and 2 single stall bathrooms. So, no individual locker rooms for men and women but tons of place for privacy. And can we talk about the vanity area! Oh man, all the products, hair dryers, and great lighting with tons of room for about 3 people to share at a time.  Now the only main drawback of the space itself is the layout. In keeping with the Y7 tradition it’s a walk up, 4th floor, that welcomes you on the final set of stairs with a “started from the bottom, now you’re here” greeting. And the studios, Biggie & Smalls (I know I know we love a good theme) are on a separate floor from the rest of the space. 

Y7 Studio Upper East Side

1459 3rd Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10028
Upper East Side Yoga $$$

Y7 Studio Upper East Side

Upper East Side Yoga, $$$

1459 3rd Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10028

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