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byMadeleine Hoffman, February 11, 2018

New York Yoga’s Hot Power Flow class is a traditional Hot Vinyasa class that’ll leave you with all the feels from a sweat inducing workout plus the zen-ness you won’t find in a boot camp class. This is a serious Vinyasa workout and the studio gets very hot, so if heat isn’t really your thing, we’d recommend steering clear. If you want to challenge yourself physically and mentally (trust us, it takes mental power to get through 60 minutes in that heat), then we would definitely recommend taking Cailyn O’Donnell’s class.



Cailyn started the class out with some breathing exercises, letting every student choose their position (cross-legged or on a block depending on comfort level). While we were getting into our Vinyasa breathing, Cailyn told us to set our intentions for the class and then let us know what the day’s focus would be. We unknowingly picked abs day – yay! We’ve never been to a yoga class with a focus on any particular body part and it spiced things up. We flowed through downward dogs, warrior poses, triangle stretches, etc. and then got into some crunches and mountain climbers. Don’t skip splurging a dollar for a towel at the front desk because mountain climbers in a 105-degree room will have you looking like you jumped in a pool – and feeling like it, too. When it came time for Savasana, we felt relaxed, physically exhausted and euphoric.


For anyone who feels yoga isn’t a real workout, try Cailyn’s class – she will be sure to kick your ass. Cailyn is bubbly but tough and knowledgeable about all things yoga and the body. If you have any kind of injury or if something just doesn’t feel right in a pose, she’ll make sure to give you all the modifications you need. She incorporated all the aspects of a Vinyasa class with an extra burn from the core work. Cailyn also taught the class at a tempo that was easy to follow along with, making it a good class for beginners and pros alike.


New York Yoga is on the 2nd floor of a walk up. There is a very narrow area between the front desk and the studio, which was pretty congested before and after class. Once you enter the studio, it’s more peaceful. The room was dimly lit with one mirrored wall, two walls of windows and then the door to the back of the class. From what we could tell, there was no limit on class size and the class was packed, so we’d recommend getting there a little early to secure a spot. There were two locker rooms for men and women, complete with showers and open sinks to clean up after class. While there are lockers to store your stuff, they are not combo locks like many other studios in NYC so BYOL (or rent from the front desk). Overall, we really liked our New York Yoga class and it was clear that, despite the lack of modern amenities, yogis come from all over the city to take class here.

New York Yoga – Hot Yoga

1629 York Ave, 1st Floor, New York, NY 10028
Upper East Side Yoga $$$$

New York Yoga – Hot Yoga

Upper East Side Yoga, $$$$

1629 York Ave, 1st Floor, New York, NY 10028

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