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byMadeleine Hoffman, January 15, 2018

If you’re looking to start your day on a sweaty high of endorphins and inspirational words, a morning Cyc Fitness UES class with Aaron Albert at the podium can be counted on to deliver. The four-month-old Cyc UES is one of the largest and cleanest spin studios NYC has to offer. Aaron produces an upbeat and motivating class you’ll be happy you got up and out of bed for. If that’s not enough, you’ll also torch some serious calories on the 45-minute ride.



Before the class started, Aaron gave an overview of each position and proper posture, leveling the playing field for both new and experienced riders. The class itself was packed not only with people (almost every bike taken) but with a variety of movements that kept the class challenging but fun. Other than actually riding the bike away from its stationary location, what didn’t we do?! Aaron led a ride that incorporated core-strengthening choreography, taking us side to side, tapping it back and moving up and out of the saddle with ‘swagger’ as the class moved in tandem to the rhythm. We climbed hills, and his encouragement helped us push ourselves to be better with every stroke to make it to the top. We then turned down the resistance to shake it out with some fast-paced sprints.

With a little something for everyone, Aaron hit a playlist homerun, mixing original and remixed versions of old and new songs that kept the energy flowing throughout class. As the song before arms came to an end, we were guided back into the saddle for a quick reprieve from the sets of triceps dipping, ab-burning, fast and slow climbs we had just conquered. The weight section is especially unique at Cyc – we were led through combinations of boxing movements that included jabs, upper-cuts, speedbags, and bicep curls using weighted bean bags. With bags in hand, jabbing to the music, you can feel your muscles working and are sure to feel the toning taking place before the song is over.

Overall, the class was challenging in all the ways you want if you’re looking for a true workout. However, with the varying movements, music, and encouragement from Aaron, the class also flew by – solidifying the idea that time really flies by when you’re having fun.


Aaron is extremely warm and welcoming, taking the time to greet each member of the class. He even knows many of the names of riders in his packed class. Rarely in such a large class do you feel such individual attention but Aaron makes his way around the room, motivating you to work harder and feel supported in the journey. Throughout the ride, he reminded us to soak up the time for ourselves and really put in what we’d like to receive from our time on the bike. He put great emphasis on correct form, turning his bike horizontally on the podium to demonstrate. When we left, he came over to fist bump, leaving us all with a feeling of camaraderie and respect for the hard work we just completed.


Cyc UES has one of the largest locker room spaces we have seen in NYC. The sleek new studio houses lockers that are big enough to fit large gym bags and then some without having to squeeze. Each of the spacious lockers comes equipped with four-digit locks so no personal locks are required. Cyc also provides complimentary shoes for all who need them. Although there are spacious showers and bathrooms with all the necessary amenities, if you’re planning on showering there before work, be prepared to wait on line. Cyc UES shares a locker room with Tone House (also located within the building) and you can be sure there will be a horrendously long wait in the morning. Aside from the early morning shower traffic, the locker room is one of the nicest we’ve seen. We will definitely be going back to Cyc UES and look forward to kicking off another morning with Aaron leading the way!

Cyc Fitness Upper East Side

1231 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021
Upper East Side Spin $$$$

Cyc Fitness Upper East Side

Upper East Side Spin, $$$$

1231 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021

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