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byHannah Sackett, February 25, 2018

The expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover” should really go both ways. In the case of Aerospace High Performance Center (or HPC as it likes to be referred to), we were really swayed by the website and the name. So sleek, so futuristic looking. We were so pumped to encounter the badassery of boxing in a studio with spaceship-like qualities and trainers steeped in the art of exercise science. But in this case, fam, we were fitness catfished! Embarrassing, we know, but half the reason we write these reviews is to get to the truth and save you from a similar fate.

Aerospace HPC is the brainchild of a former pro ballerina and pro championship boxer. But even with all of those cool points stacked in their favor, this studio left us more than wanting … we were flat out disappointed. The staff was extremely unfriendly, everything in the space was super run down, and there was no sense of camaraderie amongst any of the regulars. A very “do your business and get out” environment. If there are aspects of the classes that make them different or more effective, they aren’t highlighted or even pointed out by the trainers. With 12 different class type offerings, the schedule has a nice variety but all of the names are fairly vague – Aeropower + Forte, Aero Impact, etc. All in all, we felt more than a little duped by the advertising and like our mere presence there was basically an inconvenience.  



Boxing … to the beat. Not an uncommon training tool since the speed at which you deliver a punch is just as important as accuracy. Though the way Aero Impact does it just felt a teensy bit off.

On top of the weirdness, it’s a BYOWU & BYOCD (Bring Your Own Warm Up & Bring Your Own Cool Down) class. It’s 100% pure technique with no plyos, cardio, abs, or any other specific designated sections. Sure, the sheer physicality of the session is going to make your sweat pour down like rain. But without any sort of warm up or even an introduction to the class, it truly felt like being tossed into the deep end: “Swim, kid!!! Ehhhh, you’ll figure it out.”


Just like we don’t like a micromanaging boss, we reeeeeeeeaaalllly don’t like a micromanaging instructor. We get it, Garry, you’re trying to help us. But you are SMOTHERING us during class and your feedback is less constructive and just critical. On top of that, his different “instructions” totally contradicted themselves at several times during the course of the class. And it gets better! He insisted on cranking up the music without using a mic so we could barely hear him …

The litany of weirdness and just plain lack of care goes on since he gave no introduction to himself or the class style, didn’t ask about levels of boxing experience, and offered very little variety by way of combo types. He would call for a “switch up” every 10 minutes or so to move from one bag to another, but all of the bags were the same (not heavy vs. aqua, etc.) and there were only about six  of them. So you really only moved to a slightly different spot in the room.  


There is a HUGE discrepancy between the online photos and the space itself. Now, as we all know, everyone filters or edits a few of their profile pics, and businesses are no exception. But come on, Aerospace. They presented sci-fi sexy and gave us uncle’s basement with a white paint job. We don’t mind grit (have you see Trinity Boxing Club?!) But we would have preferred to start off on a bit more of an honest foot. Guess we know why an “absolutely no phone use” sign is one of the first things that greets you on the way in … #dontdoitforthegram  

The space is broken up across two floors and it’s not super clear when you first arrive what happens in each space. A boxing ring graces the space almost right on top of the front door, and there’s a large open space to the left for strength training classes. Downstairs you have locker rooms and the bag room, probably the only two spaces that are remotely redeeming. In a sea of white there’s a pop of color, with old school graffiti art on the bags and racy pop art comic stills lining the locker room walls. Without signage and a staff that is less than enthusiastic to give directions, you really have to fend for yourself when finding your way around. Oh and the stairway between the two floors says “Welcome to the upside down”. Our opinion?  Go, box, and then get the F out of there.    

Aerospace High Performance Center

121 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001
Chelsea Boxing $$$

Aerospace High Performance Center

Chelsea Boxing, $$$

121 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001

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