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byMadeleine Hoffman, July 2, 2019

With so many different spin studios in NYC to choose from you can really get to know yourself as a rider. If you’re all about the metrics and find yourself pedaling through the arms section of class then Flywheel’s Power 45 class is for you. This ride really is for the performance pushers out there, with no upper body series and an amped up format, the class is focused solely on the ride allowing you to reach power numbers you may never have seen before. Having said that, we think this class is built for a very particular type of rider. If you prefer a more rhythm based spiritual ride, clipping in for this class may feel more like a death trap.



Designed to include steep hills and longer races with shorter active recovery breaks, we were in 3 words: out-of-breath. Class was taught by Danielle Devine-Baum and she got right down to business. The warm-up set the tone for the rest of class…challenging. The only real difference we noticed between the warm-up and the rest of the class was the slightly lower resistance and lack of races in the first few songs. From there we were pushing and pulling up inclines, racing towards the finish line, and turning our torque up to new levels. We raced, we climbed, we listened to some rock and we sweat our body weight onto the bike. Basically, we had what could only be described as a psychotic Friday morning…and we enjoyed it (mostly when it was over but still)!


Before starting class Danielle asked if anyone needed help setting up their bike and made sure everyone was ready to ride before officially starting class. Throughout class she was straight forward, positive and intense. Danielle lead the class with a lot of energy and definitely knows how to bring the heat. Although the energy was there, we didn’t find her to be particularly motivating or inspiring.. but hey, mornings are tough.


Head down the stairs to the studio and you’ll be greeted with a big warm welcome from the front desk staff. Spin shoes are complimentary and so are the water bottles and towels! Oh and don’t forget to grab an apple or banana on your way out. The spin studio has stadium seating so you can really see the instructor from all bikes. The bikes are all new state of the art designs but beware the torque is super sensitive and can go from 0-100 real quick. There are no locker rooms in the Midtown East location but there are lockers, bathrooms big enough to change in, showers, and amenity bars to boot.

FlyWheel Sports – Stadium Cycling – Midtown East

203 E 60th St, New York, NY 10022
Midtown Spin $$$$

FlyWheel Sports – Stadium Cycling – Midtown East

Midtown Spin, $$$$

203 E 60th St, New York, NY 10022

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