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byRebecca Licht, July 12, 2017

Adina Silverstein elevated a standard barre series to something more intense which, while still not getting us super sweaty, engaged small muscles in our back, abs, and glutes that we didn’t know needed to be exercised. The Exhale Gramercy studio in the Gansevoort Park Hotel is a little cramped, but if you can look beyond that to an excellent instructor finding ways to creatively get you toned, you’ll have a good time. We’re definitely coming back to Adina’s class.



We should have known this Exhale Core Fusion Barre class would be harder than usual because Adina asked us to get heavy and light weights and then proceeded to ignore all the light ones. We also needed a yoga block for some intense one-footed foldover work in this class, and a green stretchy band to use as a prop.

Class started with knee lifts, plank runs, and side plank lifts, and then transitioned into arm exercises and weights. We skipped pushups in this class but did extra tricep dips and overall were feeling the burn very quickly after a number of dynamic hammer curls with the heavy weights. Adina smoothly led us through three different types of row/lat pull exercises and then we transitioned to the barre to stretch our legs. We are used to doing waterski, small V, and chair positions as a part of thighs during Exhale barre classes at this point, but Adina offered focused small movements for us to try that we immediately connected to, like staying en pointe throughout the whole section. When we got to the glutes section, we did leg lifts in foldover position but with our standing leg on a block, which made things a little less stable and the exercise much more difficult. Adina then brought us to the mat to conclude the glutes section of class with clamshells, rainbows and more, all with a green stretchy band around our knees to add resistance. We finished things off with some ab sprints under the barre, both with flat back and round back, and then finally did a number of bridge pulses, including several on one foot, which again made things unstable and more difficult.

This was a busy class for a Thursday morning, with about twenty people in the small space who mostly seemed, like us, to be professionals working in the area. Unlike in many other classes on a workday morning however, there was no mad rush for the showers with five minutes to go. This is definitely a testament to Adina’s skillful teaching and it made a good impression on us.


Adina Silverstein is a no-nonsense instructor bent on challenging her class, and she did a great job. She gave just the right amount of personal attention, including hands-on corrections on form, and yet commanded the class from the center of the room with great clarity and the right volume. Her music choices tended toward the indie electropop, which we appreciated, but music was hardly noticeable in this class as we were shaking so hard. We have no criticisms of Adina and aspire to her strength and flexibility in her barre practice – we’ll definitely be back.


Exhale’s partnership with Gansevoort Hotels means that they rent spa and studio space in several hotels in the city, including this one on Park Avenue near Grand Central. When you go into the hotel, you’re instructed to take an elevator to the 3rd floor, where you check in on one side of the hallway and grab a laminated sign indicating what number mat you’ll take in class. This check-in area shares space with the small Exhale spa and its handful of massage rooms, the locker room with two showers, and the hotel’s own gym and hair salon. Needless to say, it feels a little crowded and busy! There are only a few items for sale behind the desk, like hair bands and water bottles – hardly the full service boutique of the Central Park South location. After checking in, you’re instructed to wait in the hallway for class to begin. The studio is at the end of the hallway and overlooks the corner of Park Avenue and 29th Street, with some pretty good people-watching views to distract you from your workout. The space is definitely smaller than in other Exhale studios and only about 15 to 20 people maximum fit in a class here. It’s a tight squeeze but a pretty functional place to work out.

Exhale Gramercy

420 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016
Gramercy Barre $$$$

Exhale Gramercy

Gramercy Barre, $$$$

420 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016