SoulCycle West 60th Street

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byHannah Sackett, March 5, 2018

Fam, we are frustrated. W60’s gorg and spacious studio is wasted both in desolate location and distance from the closest subway stop. We are dying to add this one to the normal repertoire. But it’s hard to when there are so many others practically on top of a stop. As a result, we worry that, because of its location, that this studio’s sparkle just isn’t being appreciated. Their decor, staff, instructors and amenities bring alllll the A game. Like the massive community wall that spans almost the entire length of the studio and is littered with colorful messages. Or, the SIX available showers! Alas, it is what it is. All we can say is, if you are an UWS or even a Hell’s kitchen native, get out and support them. This one is a must try at least once!  



Whoooooooweeee do NOT underestimate this class. If you’re a Soul veteran you can usually control your own class experience. Sure instructors can toss more choreo or hills at at you, but if you are able to stay on beat with most song paces, the resistance will be the only thing that forces you to work harder. So, ball’s in your court. Sydney is part of that small group of instructors for whom this is not the case. Her class kicked our ass and we loved/hated every minute of it!  

Even without being able to control our resistance, she was able to push us WAAAAAAAAY past the point of feeling comfortable. The pacing was off the charts, with several fast songs together with VERY quick transitions. No leisurely towel or water breaks here. Layered on top of the fast paced beats was a ton of arm choreo and jumps (standing up straight at 2nd position), creating the perfect storm of difficulty. For those of us that pretty much make Soul a second home, this was an ultra challenging class. While there were moments we did want to sing along or throw a little swagger dance move into our choreo, there just was not enough time or air. The “fun” factor wasn’t so much there. That said, this class reminded us of the real reason why we came to soul and coughed up $35.


This is a bad-ass chick we thought to ourselves the minute Sydney walked in. We could feel it in her energy. We could see it in the way she carried herself. Then f#ck we are really in for it, was the next thought. We don’t normally advocate for judging a book by its cover, but in this instance, Sydney’s tough as nails vibe definitely translated to her class. And, ya know what? The whole ice queen, I’m gonna kick your ass persona seriously worked. We found ourselves wanting more than anything to look as effortless as her while sprinting. We even found ourselves competing for teachers pet with the girl next to us as we fought through those nasty hills.

If you give her your energy and your best she will give it right back. We found that this was the key to slightly thawing her icy demeanor. Her motivational phrases started out a bit distant, but as the class build we felt her pride in us almost explode from the podium. Sometimes it’s really easy to just coast in a Soul class. In Sydney’s classes, this is not an option.


The Soul studio we have been hoping and dreaming for all our lives. One where we can put on our shoes without posing in a position reminiscent of Cirque de Soleil. One where we can get to our locker without waiting in line behind 3 other people. Well, we found it…And it’s out on the West Side Highway, go figure. Space is a serious luxury in NYC that very few can afford, even our dear friends of at the cycle of soul. So, while a fabulously spacious studio like this would be better appreciated in a location like Union Square or Chelsea, it’s just not in the cards dear ones. We promise though, taking the hike out to this location will be worth it.

This is a studio that is full of life….. In the morning or RIGHT after work. After 6:30pm, you can practically see the tumbleweeds rolling around. So really, the ideal client is an Upper Best Sider who can workout in the AM. Which is fine by us because their bathrooms are some of the largest we have seen around Soul’s in the city. Before class you never have to worry about being cooped up while waiting to head in. One of the two studio doors opens to the hella large lobby. And, in fitting with the West Side vibe, the staff are very chill and super friendly.   

SoulCycle West 60th Street

21 West End Ave, New York, NY 10023
Upper West Side Spin $$$$

SoulCycle West 60th Street

Upper West Side Spin, $$$$

21 West End Ave, New York, NY 10023

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