Fithouse Tribeca

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byMadeleine Hoffman, July 2, 2019

Unlike other studios, Fithouse has an array of classes to choose from as well as membership options to make Fithouse your class only gym. Our first impression of Fithouse Tribeca was how unbelievably friendly everyone was! Literally…. Everyone, from the front desk staff, instructor and even the other people in class! This was an immediate boost of confidence and good vibes as we stepped into the studio to take our first Bounce class. Bounce is a class centered around cardio work using a fitness trampoline. Besides a unique and killer workout, Lauren Muraski’s Bounce class was FUN and we can’t wait to go back for more!



We started class off with a quick warm up and then Lauren got right down to business on the trampoline. We were surprised by how intense of a workout one of our childhood favorites, jumping on a trampoline, could be! From squatting, side stepping on and off the tramp, and jumping in jumping jack movements we were quickly feeling the heat and our muscles working. Lauren lead class like a dance class on steroids, taking us through various routines, building on each choreographed sequence as we went. We were grateful that the studio, surrounded with mirrors was darkened once class began since it turns out jumping through choreographed sequences requires more coordination then you may think. The overall tone of the class was upbeat and quick but not too serious making any mistakes made along the way feel welcomed. It was clear there were some regulars as well as new comers but Lauren gave modifications along the way making the class attainable for all levels. Towards the end there was a weighted section, using light weights to work the arms and abs. Class ended with a series of welcomed stretches and we walked out of the studio feeling sweaty, toned and happy.


Don’t be fooled by the blonde pony, Lauren is a powerhouse. Upbeat, motivating and in incredible shape Lauren delivered a challenging and fun workout. She left little room for water breaks but encouraged the class to take them as needed. Lauren’s instructions were clear and easy to follow along with although a spot towards the middle is recommended so you can see her as well.


The studio is downstairs and has a lounge area, locker rooms and all the amenities. Inside the class room there are mirrored walls all around the long rectangular room. The room itself is big enough to house several tiny trampolines without feeling like you’re bouncing into your neighbor. The only downside to the room itself are that there a few pillars, so if you’re looking for an unobstructed view we’d recommend getting there early.

Fithouse Tribeca

93 Worth St, New York, NY 10013
Tribeca Yoga $$$

Fithouse Tribeca

Tribeca HIIT, Barre, Bootcamp, Boxing, Dance, Pilates, Yoga $$$

93 Worth St, New York, NY 10013

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