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byMadeleine Hoffman, September 1, 2018

Rad’s class at Shadowbox Flatiron was in fact rad while at the same time challenging, sweaty and straight up fun. Shadowbox’s TKO class is 60 minutes which includes more rounds than the standard 45 minute class. If you’re new to the boxing world we would recommend taking a few of the Standard classes to get the basics down before jumping in to the TKO class. Also, if you’re looking to hit the ring on a Saturday morning with Rad, book early.



Rad got right down to business starting the class with a cardio warmup that had us sweating within minutes. He lead us through a series of jumping jacks, push-ups, squat jumps, mountain climbers, and burpees to name a few before moving into the second phase of the warm up. Yes, there are TWO warm ups! The second was a boxing warmup. Knuckle weights in hand we worked on our form throwing jab crosses and uppercuts (into imaginary opponents not the bag).

Gloves on we were ready to go. Rad called out a combination series and demonstrated it a few times before each new one. Rad lead with a commanding voice calling out each combination and directions clearly so that there wasn’t any confusion even if you couldn’t see him. And note, we were in the wayyyy back. If you’re late to sign up the chances are you won’t get a bag with optimal sight of the teacher.  Rad made his way around the class correcting form and helping us get the combinations down. In between each round there were periods of active recovery which incorporated short sets bodyweight movements from our warmup. 10 rounds later… yes we said 10… we finished class and cashed out with an ab series. This class will light the inner athlete within you.


Rad taught class with enthusiasm and energy that lit up in the room. He motivated us to keep pushing but kept the vibes fun and positive. No drill sergeant, bitchy instructor here. He was welcoming and relatable making it even easier to walk into class and he even stuck around after to talk to anyone with questions. Rad delivered a challenging but fun class a perfect combo in our book. There’s a reason his classes are hard to get into.


The Flatiron location is boutiquey and def rocks a cool vibe. When you walk in you are greeted by a front desk and wall of merch. There is also a Café area with a few tables to hang out by and a boxing ring…photo op anyone? As you head towards the studio space in the back there is a wall of lockers as well as male/female bathroom areas. Typical to NYC, the locker area and bathrooms are tiny. The bathrooms have showers and all the amenities but again space is tight so if you’re in a rush or going before work you may want to plan on cleaning up elsewhere. In the studio there are a few mirrored walls and particular bags with markers to show the most visibility to the instructor when you reserve. The room is deceivingly spacious and the bags even have a pocket to put your water in so you’re not tripping over anything during class. The studio is sleek and clean, the lights stay dim throughout class and with the music bumping a perfect atmosphere to tap into your inner fighter.

Shadowbox Flatiron

28 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011
Flatiron Boxing $$$$

Shadowbox Flatiron

Flatiron Boxing, $$$$

28 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011

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