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byCaitlyn O'Keefe, July 11, 2017

Get ready to wake up the F up. Lily is a fireball of energy who’s ready to get the party started at the crack of dawn every Friday. She combines various dance moves with 45 minutes of pure fun whilst showing off a bit of sexiness. Her class had just the right amount of choreography and we loved that she got down with the beat…nothing more is needed to get a class moving in our opinion. The Soulcycle West Village location is the Corporate Headquarters – it’s the real deal, get yo’ game face on.



In Lily’s class, expect thick hills and fast sprints. She built up the tension with tough hills and then released with downhill sprints. With an assortment of upbeat music and a passion to lead the pack, she kept us engaged every minute of class. Her stamina kept us motivated and we hit that “zen” feeling only when it was time to cool down. If you’re into slow songs or need moments to catch your breath, Lily’s class may not be the right fit. But if you’re up for a challenge and looking for a mood booster, Lily is worth the shot.


Given that Lily was once a rider herself, it was apparent that she was committed to sweating it out with the riders and she never let up. It was refreshing that she didn’t religiously look at herself in the mirror but instead was constantly focused on the class. She exuded a realness about her that lacks in some teachers and she had a down-to-earth personality. Feel good vibes all around, and we’d certainly go back for more.


The Soulcycle West Village location is the SoulCycle headquarters. As you walk up the long ramp to the front door, you can see the corporate worker bees through the glass windows. As at all studios, when you enter you are immediately greeted by the friendly staff and get a strong whiff of the Jonathan Adler grapefruit candles. The front desk is on the right, apparel on the left, and lockers and bathrooms are straight back. There are two studios in the West Village location – one on the main floor and one downstairs. The women’s locker room has three showers, which is a little light to deal with the traffic from two studios.

Our advice: hustle out of class if you want to be first in line.

SoulCycle West Village

126 Leroy St, New York, NY 10014
West Village Spin $$$$

SoulCycle West Village

West Village Spin, $$$$

126 Leroy St, New York, NY 10014

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