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byRebecca Licht, July 16, 2018

YogaWorks SoHo is a relaxing respite from a busy neighborhood with supportive and welcoming teachers who will help you in your practice greatly.



This was a standard flow for a beginner yoga class, beginning with stretching, going through several rounds of sun salutations, and then taking time at the end of class to workshop a few inversions. For some of the less flexible among us, this mostly involved some further stretching and then kicking our legs up on a chair, but the level of detail and attention that our instructor Celine gave in her instruction helped us feel like we were not only relaxing and unwinding but advancing our practice for the next time we do yoga. The class was a full one on a Friday evening and had a diverse crowd – the ages probably ranged from 18 to 70, and fitness levels varied widely as well.


Celine was a great asset to our class, infusing the whole room with calm, poise, and eventually very interesting, applicable information. She was clearly applying a long practice and study of yoga but sharing her knowledge in a very accessible way, helping the 30+ people in our class reach their potential with individual stretches and corrections. It helped also that her interpretation of many of the asanas came off a little differently than we are used to – adding a French accent to our yoga practice for possibly the first time. We really enjoyed her class at YogaWorks SoHo and feel we learned a lot.


Yogaworks SoHo is a roomy and spacious studio on Broadway on the second and third floors of a commercial building right in the thick of the shopping district. While the stairwell is a little rundown, the yoga studio is tremendously large for New York and a respite from the noise on the street. We found changing rooms upstairs and downstairs as well as free Yogi tea and water waiting for us in the lobby as well as some yoga videos, mala beads, and mats on sale.  You can pay a small fee to rent a yoga mat, but most seem to bring their own. All other props for class from blankets to straps to mats are provided. This is a large studio that’s been around for years and seems to have a large walk-in community.

YogaWorks Soho

459 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
SoHo Yoga $$$

YogaWorks Soho

SoHo Yoga, $$$

459 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

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