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byHannah Sackett, July 28, 2018

At EverybodyFights, boxing can be your passion or it could just be your workout. Both types of fighter live in harmony here at the self-proclaimed “King of Boxing Gyms”. From the WIDE variety of classes to the insanely reasonable monthly membership price tag and ultra cool decor, we have a hard time disputing their claim. This place seriously honors boxing history and the old guard, but instead of grizzly instructors and purposefully broken down equipment, this place makes its homage through murals, class themes, and technique. And y’all, everyone is INCREDIBLY friendly – not in the overly smiley barre class way but in a genuine “Hey, want help with your wraps?” or “Do you know where you’re headed? Let me show you” kind of way.  

The OG locations are in Boston, but NYC opened its doors in July 2017 and hit the ground running. The studio doesn’t just appeal to serious fighters but to anyone picky enough to only gravitate to certain class types. There are four categories: Bags, Road, Train, and Fight. Don’t like bag work? Cool, there are four non-bag classes to choose from. Only want a sprinkle of boxing in your strength training session? Great, then go the Train track. With 16 class options to pick from, there is SOMETHING for you. Now, want to actually put your skills to the test? The brand has both a training camp where you can level up like belts in karate and a trainer certification program.



Bag class formulas can get a little stale at times. They can be the bologna sandwich of the boxing fitness world: they get the job done but they’re bland. One of the main reasons is because they have to appeal to (or at least pretend to) all different levels, so combos end up being a little boring or the pace – especially at the beginning – is incredibly slow.

Enter BagsXBody at EverybodyFights! We were seriously blown away by this class. The pacing stayed quick even though punches were being introduced to brand new fighters. We weren’t limited to smaller combos – many times, we built up to seven or even nine punches. There were defensive and offensive moves taught and thrown into some of the later combo sets, too. As if this plethora of skills building in boxing wasn’t enough, there was a ton of bodyweight training to go around, including “the Tyson” (six burpees to six hooks), 180 squat jumps, plank jacks, and duck walks. The coolest part, in our opinion? Each class has a theme of a specific fighter or fight that the combos or moves are pulled from directly. Talk about finding your inner fighter!   


Taking class with founder and undefeated heavyweight pro boxer, George Foreman III, was a hell of an experience. Yes, it’s that George Foreman’s son. Kids, this family is known for way more than lean meat grilling: they are boxing royalty. But you’d never know it from meeting George. GF III is SUPER hands on, both behind the desk and in class. He is incredibly friendly and humble, and one of the most genuine humans we’ve met in the NYC boxing scene.

His friendly demeanor does not take away from the quality sweat session he’ll create for you. The guy is the ultimate tough love disciple and is happy to give out burpees to anyone not moving the entire time. Don’t worry though, unlike his own training, he isn’t going to send you out to chop wood or pull cars. But he will ask you to 180 jump squat. While his style works for all levels, he doesn’t coddle newbies. Instead he offers modifications from beginner to advanced, and pushes you to go for the harder version with each new set. And surprise surprise, being a fighter himself, he is super thorough when it comes to teaching the six punching combinations. Being good at your athletic skill doesn’t always make you a good teacher, but George is a knockout at both.      


Having to head to a basement gym is not always our favorite. But hey, it does eliminate distractions and put you in the right mindset to work, work, work. At EverybodyFights, the stairwell from the street is a pump up in and of itself. You’ll pass by the names and dates of great fights along with hype phrases like “Welcome to the fight”. And what’s a boutique fitness studio these days without art? Outside of the murals, there’s phenomenal neon signage everywhere that will complete any post sweat sesh insta. The marquee signs, which periodically change up to give you a chuckle, greeted us with this time with “Tis the season to burpee” and “Diva is a female version of a hustla”.

There is a LOT going on all at once, since pretty much every type of class or personal training sesh is all in the same space. But the flurry of activity is motivating. Garage doors partition off the bag room while the rest of the space, which includes two rings, cardio equipment, strength training/free weights and tons of floor space stays open. Important to note is that EF is gritty where it counts – the gym floor, the equipment – and posh where it counts, too – locker rooms, merch, and decor. The authenticity ying and the modern yang. Oh and this was a first for us: their water refill station does still or sparkling water and has a touch screen with a selection of flavors to choose from. Ummmmmm, now that is a perk.

EverybodyFights Midtown

295 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017
Midtown East HIIT $$$$$

EverybodyFights Midtown

Midtown East Boxing, HIIT $$$$$

295 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017

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