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byKaitlin McCabe, June 28, 2019

bodē (pronounced ‘bo-dee) nyc is definitely not for the faint of heart. The studio caters to yogis seeking an intuitive, healing and detoxing practice, and they deliver this experience flawlessly. However, don’t underestimate the warnings about heat for this studio. bodē takes “hot yoga” to the next level. Take whatever temperature you’re expecting and magnify it, and you have a traditional class at the studio.



bodē’s Classic 90 follows the traditional 26+2 sequence used in Bikram yoga practices. The hot (i.e. very hot) yoga class follows a series of twenty-six Hatha Yoga postures and two Pranayama breathing techniques designed to provide a challenging but invigorating experience. This is definitely more of a balance-oriented, contemplative yoga; if you’re seeking an epic power flow that gives you a cardio workout and has a dope playlist, this is not be the class for you. Instead, you’ll be holding complicated poses for long lengths of time while sweat drips down your body in amounts you didn’t think possible. That being said, prepare your body for class. We highly recommend taking electrolytes with or without water before class and bringing jugs of water to drink in moderation throughout your practice. Also, the instructor does not demonstrate the postures during class. You need to rely upon your own knowledge of yoga (or by frantically mimicking others) to get through the class. Try to arrive at least 20 minutes early for your first class. Waitlist spots are given away seven minutes before class begins, and the policy is ruthless. The studio suggests that this class is suitable for all levels, but we highly recommend only experienced hot yogis venture into the bodē classroom. This is likely the hottest yoga studio in NYC, with temperatures ranging from 102-105 degrees with 40% humidity. The padded floors also absorb the heat, giving you no opportunity for a physical cool down until the instructor swings the studio door open for a few seconds between postures. If you’re relatively new to this style of yoga, get a mat spot as close to the door as possible, and try not to get psyched out by the number of class participants who leave the class intermittently to cool down. The benefits to the intense heat are that you’ll be able to stretch further and experience a more detoxifying flow, but know what you’re setting yourself up for before casually signing up for a class.


Kiara is a chill but stern instructor. Definitely let her know if you are new to Bikram (don’t be a hero, be honest), as she will give you an overview of what to expect and look out for your accordingly during the class. We loved that she is clear with her instructions and explains modifications throughout class without ever interrupting the pace of the flow. Kiara was far more of a guide than an instructor, and we greatly appreciated this distinction for our practice. She pushed us to hold poses and to challenge our abilities on the mat, but she allowed us to keep our practices internal and meditative by only speaking when absolutely necessary. In other words, she hyped us up in the most Bikram yoga way possible by encouraging us to be our own instructors and motivators. There were definitely times we looked for inspiration or more of a connection with the instructor, but we know that the Bikram style of teaching does not always cater to that.


The bodē’s Flatiron location has two studios with classes running all day. The facilities offer mats, mat/face/shower towels for a fee, as well as various snacks and beverages to fuel and replenish you pre- and post- practice. The locker rooms have several showers with shampoo, conditioner, body soap and lotion provided, as well has hair dryers. Depending on the time of day you hit the studio, the locker room can get pretty crowded, but clients are very attentive to the three minute policy for the showers.

bodē nyc – Flatiron

182 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010
Flatiron Yoga $$$$

bodē nyc – Flatiron

Flatiron Yoga, $$$$

182 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

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