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byCaitlyn O'Keefe, July 11, 2017

“Trust that where you are is where you need to be” is how Melanie kicked off her class at SoulCycle Union Square, and that’s how we felt for the 45 minutes we rode with her. She is calm yet powerful. Her class was heavy on the tap backs and obliques, with little variation in speed. She had a unique teaching style – unlike some instructors, she was not cemented to the saddle but split time on and off the bike. This allowed her to connect with the riders in a more intimate way.



The SoulCycle formula was spot on in Melanie’s class (saddle up + warmup + choreo + arms + therapy ride + finisher). We’d expect nothing less from a master instructor and a long-time rider (she’s been involved with the brand since 2006, to be exact). Her speed was moderate – never full-on sprinting or climbing, but somewhere in between. Melanie religiously demonstrated the various moves and focused on form – good for the newbies but it felt like a bit of overkill for the regulars.


As the first rider to become an instructor in 2009, her commitment to providing a true SoulCycle experience came through. She encouraged us to turn up the resistance and let the music guide us through class. We didn’t love Melanie’s nonstop litany of mantras and clichés, but her voice is soothing voice and some of it hit home. She played a mix of music incorporating genres from alternative rock to a variety of dance remixes. While it wasn’t our absolute favorite, we’d go back for a feel good ride.


The SoulCycle Union Square location is smaller compared to the other SoulCycle studios in Manhattan. When you walk in, you hit the front desk and the studio is straight ahead. A staircase to the left of the studio brings you downstairs to the men’s and women’s locker rooms. Warning: it’s pretty tight down there and you don’t want to brave the stairs in spin shoes.

Recommendation: change before you get to the studio and avoid the showers if possible.

SoulCycle Union Square

12 East 18th St, New York, NY 10003
Union Square Spin $$$$

SoulCycle Union Square

Union Square Spin, $$$$

12 East 18th St, New York, NY 10003

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