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byHannah Sackett, January 11, 2019

Yoga for badasses: seriously. We didn’t realize that it could be so chic and edgy until we stepped through the doors of this studio. Looking to get your yoga on without all of the secretly judgemental “namastes”? Dying to take a class not dominated by impossibly thin pretzel people? Welcome to The Tribe Called Sweat. Instead of “Namaste” (which we know secretly means “Go F#ck Yourself”), you’re greeted with a “Namastizzle”. Their offering is a hot, candlelit vinyasa flow experience set to a loud soundtrack of jams, typically hip hop. It really is a dream come true for those of us who just don’t feel comfortable in traditional ultra zen or crunchy yoga studios.

In Y7’s classes, you’ll get the same adrenaline high as you do from a Barrys or SOUL class. The vinyasa style yoga means you never stop moving. Taking class with this brand really opened our eyes to just how athletic yoga can be. It’s no wonder their catch phrase is “We Flow Hard”! You’ll have earned the right to carry yourself with a little more swagger after class. In fact, you may find a stronger version of yourself through this type of yoga than you do in any bootcamp or HIIT class. Surprised? We were too.



Disclaimer: There’s no difference in class style between We Flow Hard and Hip Hop Wednesdays/Sundays. The name change for W & Sun are just to give you a heads up about the genre of music you’ll be vibing on in class. Any other day, you might hear everything from pop to R&B, maybe some house thrown in.

So what EXACTLY are you getting out of this non-traditional yoga spirit quest … we mean, class? An hour long vinyasa flow style class that has three different flows segmented into three different sections. First, you go through a slow burn, breaking down each pose and holding it for several breaths. Second comes “one breath, one movement” where you flow from one pose to the next in line with your breathing. Finally, you take the flow on your own. At this point, the music goes up and you can start to freestyle a bit by adding additional poses, headstands, maybe even an difficult toehold – whoa, living on the edge! Once you reach that final set of flows you’ll be thinking, “Oh man, bring on the savasana” (aka a beautiful mini nap for those who don’t speak yogi). But before you can get to that sweet promised land, you have to get through what is called the “final push” or “final work”. This can range from a one legged bridge series to an ab crunching boat pose raise and lower to an extra long plank. Unlike a gentle style of yoga, this is a speedy yoga that would work up a sweat even if you weren’t inside a 90+ degree room.

Y7 classes are open to students of truly EVERY LEVEL with modification options being shared like mono at a middle school dance. Plus you don’t have to be an expert or have a dictionary guide for yoga terminology – everything is described super clearly. If you’re more advanced, there’s tons of time to work on your handstands or inversions. Oh and did we mention that everyone ends up pretty much half naked? Being a truly non-judgemental zone and that the studio is a balmy 90 degrees, stripping layers off during practice is fairly common. You’re going to want to leave the long lulus at home and consider bringing a back up tank for after class. You’ll walk out feeling like you sat in the splash zone on a log flume ride – #SweatyAF.     


We can’t really name a yoga instructor we love more than Lauren S. During her intro at the start of class, we were getting totally hippie spirit vibes. Her voice has the ideal nurturing and melodic qualities needed to teach these types of classes. Yet she doesn’t steer totally “granola” in personality. She somehow retains a quality of cool older sister – oozing cool with very little effort.

Have an injury or a question? She’ll pop over and kneel down next to you to chat about it as if you’re old friends. Don’t want a hands-on adjustment? Totally cool, but otherwise she’s super invested in correcting form and providing encouragement wherever she can. Which is good because her classes are always peppered with lots of the more challenging moves, like crow pose and several half moon variation types. Her pace for calling out all of the moves was sheer perfection. And, somehow, the way she delivered her encouragement pushed us to try harder variations of moves we wouldn’t typically ever consider. Now that’s one hell of a gift. Can I get a “Namastizzle”?


The building entrance and lobby says straight-laced corporate, but never fear. The second floor is ALL Y7, down to the stadium seating area and neon prayer hands sign. Y7 studios work off an all black everything aesthetic and this studio is no exception with its black walls, lockers, and even retail displays. The only thing missing? Their characteristic cheeky references to hip hop verses or figures that are scattered around each of their studios (for example, the studios at their UES location are named “Biggie” and “Smalls”).  

There’s a ton of space in the lobby and studio room areas, but true to form with NYC studios, the locker, changing, and shower area gets congested real quick. But, knowing this inevitable and frustrating truth, their team made a super wise choice to separate the refresh station from the changing and shower area. Sometimes a girl is just in a hurry and only has time for a little dry shampoo before having to run out. When we do have the time for it, we’re pretty obsessed with their four “shower rooms” that offer a private space with door to both strip and get our clean on. This studio also totes four private stand alone changing rooms that prevent congestion for those making a quick pre-class run to bathroom. Talk about living large!

Y7 Studio Bryant Park

54 W 39th St 2nd floor, New York, NY 10018
Midtown Yoga $$$

Y7 Studio Bryant Park

Midtown Yoga, $$$

54 W 39th St 2nd floor, New York, NY 10018

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