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byHannah Sackett, February 14, 2019

Um, YAAAAS Queen. That’s what this studio would say to you when you get of the elevator … if it could speak, of course. Of all of the “dance-based” fitness programs in the city, AKT comes with a level of edge that we seriously dig. Different from its UES counterpart, the NoMad location has a bit of a modern Studio 54 personality. The fitness trend that combines dance cardio, strength training circuits, and high intensity interval training leaves our souls soaring beneath the disco ball. After all, their mantra is one we sweat fanatics can’t help concur with: “Cardio is my Happy Hour”. And while there are TONS of teeth gritting moments, even for the seasoned AKT-er, the sexy and fun ambiance provides us with that Beyonce level confidence that is so damn necessary. The cherry on top? Who doesn’t love their saucy take on class names – like Sweat Dream and 4Play? We’re getting hot under the sweatband just thinking about it.



There is a LOT of different equipment used in this class and transitions are fast. As they say, a lady is as powerful as the tools in her arsenal – that is, if she knows where they are, can access them quick, and knows what to grab when. If you’re taking this class for the first time, be up front. Introduce yourself to the instructor and ask what you need, lest you end up like the the girl who grabs the medium or hard resistance band not realizing that you have to use it for 75% of class!   Cough, cough – puts sunglasses on slowly. The class itself has five to six intense dance cardio sessions interwoven with strength training circuits – most working multiple parts of the body at a time. Our favorite? The row leg raise. Much like a dance class, everything is on the eight count and all of the cardio moves repeat themselves in a pattern throughout the entire class, so even the least coordinated student can pick it up eventually. The most fun quality and the feature that makes AKT classes truly unique are the overhead resistance bands. Their use during the warm up and dance sections will leave you feeling like Elphaba – Defying Gravity.


Becky is this super interesting hybrid of aerobic pep and cool kid swagger. Her classes are crazy challenging and make you feel ultra powerful. Now, while this location does have mics for their instructors (suuuch an improvement from UES), she was still incredibly difficult to understand. On top of this, her transitions were extremely quick. So, by the time you figured out which piece of equipment to grab, she was already on rep 4 of the first 8 rep cycle. Usually we’re super quick in picking up the pace, but dear god, woman! We are indeed multitalented cosmopolitan women, but unfortunately mind reading is not one of our gifts. Give us just maybe a half second more?? Please and thank you. The most frustrating thing about Becky though was her countdown tricks and deception. She makes it look so effortless, so we fight harder to impress her and stand out among the class. And she keeps telling us ,“Last time” after every. single. Set, and there were eight sets! You can see why we have trust issues with certain instructors. Can I get an “Amen”?


We have to say that this is the hipper of the two AKT sister studios – which is funny because it’s cleverly disguised within a super swank corporate building. When heading up, look for the entrance that says “Offices & Fitness”. As with most buildings in the Big Apple, the same address can have three different doors all leading to different venues – ah the joys of NYC real estate. But when you step off the elevator, take it all in – the funky decor, the sick beats … This studio is the girl who looks so effortlessly cool. Picture less of Body by Simone’s all white decor, wheat grass shot drinking vibe and more zebra print and neon. Tons of space not just to shower and change, but to lounge with the laptop and write that blog you’ve been talking about (didn’t you say that you were going to start that six months ago?). Oh yeah, and are you a forgetful Franny when it comes to which locker you picked? No worries there – they have a dry erase marker so you can put your initial on the door. Um … why have other studios not picked up on this geniusness??!


1182 Broadway (2nd Floor), New York, NY 10001
NoMad Dance $$$$


NoMad Dance, $$$$

1182 Broadway (2nd Floor), New York, NY 10001

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