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byAshley Lyddane Beberus, November 26, 2018

Barry’s Bootcamp is hard to beat as far as a great workout is concerned. No matter what day you go, the instructor you have or the studio you attend one thing is for certain – you will work your butt off. Abs with Sarah at Barry’s Park Avenue South was no exception to the rule. We did notice that the clientele of PAS is a bit younger and very fit, Sarah must know this as she pushed us hard in our class.



The tread portion of class started with a brief warm up before we did our “power run” in segment one. The next two tread rounds were based on speed and endurance. The only incline we saw was during the power portion – we got up to three and six percent incline but we weren’t there for more than 90 seconds. In the speed segment, Sarah pushed our run speed so that we maintained a fast speed between our sprints. The endurance portion was probably the hardest despite the fact that it was the shortest because there was no chance for rest. The tread portion was a challenge overall – we covered a decent amount of mileage, we hardly walked and no sprint was ever too long. It was worth every bead of sweat.

The floor portions of class were challenging & definitely not boring which is our fear on ab day. The first round we mainly used the resistance bands to do different sit-up variations which got our abs engaged and ready for the rest of class. Once we dropped the bands, we continued on with some bodyweight ab work – corkscrews, star sit-ups, leg climb-ups and crab reaches. In round two we went for heavy weights and she really wanted us to go heavy. Women were encouraged to go for 15s, 20s or 25s. We did back lunges with twists, weighted bicycles and planks with a weight drag. Round three was all body weight — donkey kicks, mountain climbers (which she wanted at a sprint speed) and bicycle crunches. As we got prepared to stretch after round three, we could feel our abs sigh in relief.


Sarah was awesome, she knew her stuff. Despite the fact that she had a full class and a lot to communicate during our workout, she managed to call out people’s speeds to congratulate them on hard work, point out great form on the floor and motivate the class. She demo’d all of the floor moves so we knew what to do. Sometimes it was hard to find her because she never demo’d from the same place and the number of mirrors in the studio makes it feel like a funhouse but we managed. She had awesome music which was a bit on the gangster side but we like that, especially when we have to dig deep for sprints. She had a lot of energy which she channeled into giving us a kick ass workout. At one point Sarah was high skipping around the room which demonstrated to us that she was pumped to see us working hard. She worked the room well and was really observant – giving props for the good and trying to correct the bad.  She was engaged and present for us and which always ensures a great experience.


Barry’s Park Ave South is really well laid out when you walk into the lobby area. The check-in desk is right in front of you as is the studio entrance. The fuel bar is prominently featured just to your right as you enter the location. They have some cafe tables set up as well so you can hang out a bit after class. There is a small fridge with some waters, cold pressed juices, snack bars and protein waffles if the smoothies are not your thing. They also have some Barry’s merchandise set up just next to the fuel bar so you can shop as you wait for your order.


There are some lockers along the hallway as you make your way back to the locker rooms incase you just need to stow your belongings. Some of these lockers are larger if you do require more space. Once you get into the locker room, the lockers are smaller which can be tough if you need to hang things. The locker rooms are clearly labeled for Men and Women – they did away with the bootcamp man/woman icon, maybe we weren’t the only ones that had trouble distinguishing between the two.

The bathroom at Barry’s Park Ave South was bright and the showers are some of the nicest we have seen at a Barry’s location. The lockers in the women’s room are adjacent to where the hair dryers are located which makes it really tough to maneuver. It felt like everyone was crammed into the same area of the locker room and we were all in each other’s way. The hair dryers are horrible — they really need to have women test these things out before they purchase them. Additionally, there were only two electrical plugs in this area so if you do bring your own hair tools you will have to negotiate the use of a plug. All in all the locker room had its pros & cons but it got the job done.

Barry’s Bootcamp Park Ave South

107 E 27th St, New York, NY 10016
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Barry’s Bootcamp Park Ave South

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107 E 27th St, New York, NY 10016

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