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byKaitlin McCabe, June 28, 2019

TrampoLEAN originated as a single class at Chelsea Piers but has since developed into its own brand in the boutique fitness realm. Taught with students on personal fitness trampolines, the workout encourages clients to let loose and have fun while getting sweaty and blasting calories (i.e. trampo-“lean”). TrampoLEAN promotes itself as a workout that is fully customized to the client’s own fitness level and goals, but we definitely think it’s best suited for beginners. It’s perfect for clients looking to have carefree fun with some friends while moving your body a bit.



Most boutique bounce studios develop a routine throughout each class – like a short dance, just on a trampoline. However, trampoLEAN focuses more on executing various motions rather than sequencing individual exercises together. This makes for a great option for beginner bouncers looking to master the motions (called out without instructor demos) before moving on to more complicated sequences. For more experienced bouncers, your effort alone will determine your burn rather than the challenge presented by the class. The Arms + Abs class incorporated light hand weights and resistance bands to carve out the upper body and core. We’ll note that the actual focus of class (the arms and abs) is not the majority of or even half of the day’s program – sequences are awkwardly scattered in the later half of the class and performed in spurts. The arms component was pretty minimal, but the core exercises were actually quite effective. Our obliques were definitely burning from the constant tugging on resistance bands in our abdominal exercises. We would definitely have loved to spend more time working on these core movements.


Louis has been creating the trampoLEAN program for years, and his experience on the trampoline shows. We’d say that his teaching style is heavy on the “follow along” side. Louis would occasionally call out new exercises when he began them rather than demoing basic or challenging motions before or during class for novice bouncers. He was quick to modify weighted exercises for clients who were using too heavy resistance bands, but he did not positively challenge students or correct poor form on the trampolines. Because Saturday afternoons are busying at Stepping Out Studios and TrampLEAN, it’s possible we as new students got lost in the scramble of the day. However, we wish we got more of a welcome and an introduction to the workout and space from Louis in order to feel comfortable at the studio.


Locating TrampoLEAN is definitely an adventure. The brand is based in Stepping Out Studios, and while the building has that sign on the exterior, there’s no indication once you’re inside the multi-floor building which floor you’re supposed to head to (it’s the 9th). Once you get to the 9th floor, you’ll need to walk through the grand ballroom to get to the trampoLEAN studio in the back right. Most likely, there will be ballroom dancing classes happening while you’re walking through, so be careful not to walk into a waltzing couple or be distracted by the extremely loud music. The actual TrampoLEAN studio is small room with individual trampolines closely scattered on the ground under resistance bands that hang form the ceiling. You’ll be expected to get set up for class on your own without direction to equipment in bins at the front of the space. The neon accents in the space are clearly meant to give more of a youthful, nightlife vibe to the studio, but the emphasis seems out of place and overdone considering the larger studio in which it is located. There are showers and bathrooms located at Stepping Out Studios, but again, you will need to walk through the dancers in the ballroom to access it. The amenities from then on are slim to done. The bathroom is older, and there aren’t any products or towers for visitors. We’d highly recommend bringing flip-flops for this studio.


37 W 26th St 9th floor, New York, NY 10010
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Flatiron Dance, $$$

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