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byAshley Lyddane Beberus, October 14, 2017

Barry’s Bootcamp Full Body class is by far the best bang for your buck. Todd is a great instructor and will provide a FULL body workout. His class is challenging, so don’t let his friendly welcome make you think you will get off easy. His treadmill workouts are some of the toughest we have encountered. The Upper East Side location has everything you need, including their famous Fuel Bar, so don’t forget to order your shake before class so you can grab and go after your workout! Barry’s UES also just got brand new Woodways, which is super exciting for all the Barry’s nerds out there.



In this Full Body workout, we had two rounds of tread and two rounds of floor. We did a warm up run for the first three minutes before we got onto a hill. Both treadmill segments contained incline and a good amount of it at varying percentages (3.0 – 10.0, thank you very much). At one point, we were on a 10% incline but our speed was low (a slow jog) – it wasn’t terrible, so don’t that number intimidate you. Be ready to be challenged, though, since Todd is not afraid to throw anything your way in terms of  speed, endurance work or incline. The floor was dominated by full body moves with heavy and medium weights. We hit it all – rows, snatches, lateral raises, bicep curls, jack knives, Russian twists, planks, bicycles, lunges, tricep kickbacks, etc. He took the “Full Body” description seriously and literally.  It was a total sweatfest and a grueling workout but it was exactly what we signed up for.


Todd is an inviting instructor. He has a friendly demeanor which can be deceiving because he will give you a killer workout. He is mindful of injuries and asked about them more than once, talking to each individual that needed special attention. He gave clear direction both verbally and via demonstrations. He provided good cues throughout the workout so you knew what you going to be doing next and when. He encouraged us to use each other’s energy and asked us to high five our neighbors after each treadmill section. His workouts stay with you – your muscles will still quiver later in the day. Barry’s go-ers of all abilities will be accommodated and satisfied in one of Todd’s classes.


The Upper East Side Barry’s falls in line with what you would expect from the brand’s studios. The Front Desk staff is lovely, and they have a small Fuel Bar and refrigerator for drinks and snacks. There are lockers in the main vestibule and the locker rooms. They have a small retail outpost in this location and they usually have pretty dope clothing and Barry’s branded accessories. The women’s locker room has Instagram-worthy lighting – seriously, if it was a filter, it would be our go-to. There are four showers outfitted with Malin & Goetz products but beware, the water pressure is less than great.

Barry’s Bootcamp Upper East Side

1216 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10065
Upper East Side HIIT $$$$

Barry’s Bootcamp Upper East Side

Upper East Side Bootcamp, HIIT $$$$

1216 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10065

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