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byRebecca Licht, July 11, 2017

Emily led an enthusiastic class at one of the best hidden locations of Flywheel we’ve yet seen. We loved her use of summer remixes for pop songs and the blend of classic rock, and we got a great workout. It was easy to get ready to work in the Flywheel locker rooms, and now that we’ve found this basement studio, we’ll be sure to return.



Flywheel has a reputation for being the hardest spin class in the city for a reason, and Emily’s class was no exception. We started off with a two song warm-up that left us competing for the top spot on the TorqBoard, with impressive competition and really high numbers! Emily herself rode along with us for the whole class and reminded us of that fact, which we appreciated. If she was suffering through the same hills, surely we’d all make it through.

Class was a pretty good blend of flat, non-technical riding in the saddle, long slow climbs, and just a few tapbacks and other “off-bike” moves to keep us interested. We really liked the way class transitioned from flat road to hill climb and thought Emily’s direction was also great – it almost felt like we were out on our road bike working through a 25-mile ride. The arms section was right towards the end and allowed us to give our legs a teensy break while we focused on bicep curls, skull crushers, and similar moves with the two and four pound bars that we got from their storage spot near our front wheel. Class ended with a series of sprints that again had us fighting with others for the top of the Torqboard. It was a great, sweaty workout.


Dani is a true pro – she clearly has a loyal following and we felt lucky to have this class with her after initially getting waitlisted. She knew some of the classgoers by name and called them out regularly and very clearly had a whole plan for how each section of class would go before she sat down – we love when an instructor has that aura of control over our workout. She used much lower-tempo songs than most spin instructors, and this suited the class very well. We definitely heard some classic rock mixed in with Beyonce and Rihanna. Some instructors seem to misjudge how long a song is and end up filling in time with extra rounds of tapbacks or sprints, but not Dani – the overall timing and pace of her class was well-controlled.


This space is somewhat confusing to find, as it is a basement floor below a Dylan’s candy bar at E. 60th Street and 3rd Avenue. Once you find the door, however, it’s a well-stocked, well-kept Flywheel location, with both a barre and cycling studio. There is a whole wall with ample locker space in different sizes and four showers, which made the line after class one of the shortest we’ve seen. Like all Flywheel studios, there is bottled water and free bananas and apples on offer for your after class snack, and the toiletry kits in the shower rooms are stuffed to the gills with Bliss products, bobby pins, q tips, you name it. Flywheel, as we mentioned, is known for being a hard cycling class, but also provides some really great amenities.

FlyWheel Sports East 60th

203 East 60th Street New York, NY 10022
Upper East Side Spin $$$$

FlyWheel Sports East 60th

Upper East Side Spin, $$$$

203 East 60th Street New York, NY 10022

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