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byHannah Sackett, July 11, 2017

Similar to it’s downtown cousin, this gym has a low-key, neighborhood vibe with a focus more on hard work than aesthetics. This is a high-activity gym which has a minimum of two to three classes and personal training sessions going on simultaneously. Though one does get the feeling that this is an offshoot and not the headquarters. There is not as much open gym use and it feels like its “edge” is a bit watered down. Now, we see this as a benefit for those just dipping their toe into the boxing gym because it is not nearly as intimidating to walk into space as the other location. In fact, this location’s instructors and instruction style mirror this openness to all level boxers, especially if you are hungry to work hard.



In the all levels classes at Walker Street, there is a lot more focus on building a foundation of boxing technique than on boot camp style drills. That said, there is constant movement involved so, don’t worry, you won’t get out with any less of a sweat. Warm up is a cornucopia of jumping jacks, high knees, cherry pickers, and mountain climbers, building up slowing in intensity.  And then suddenly we were in the thick of our strength training circuit and off we headed to the stairs for a few laps. Once we caught our breath,  it was all boxing technique from there, progressing from shadow boxing to partner work and then to circle drills. Now, this last section is ingenious in that both you and your classmates will each get one-on-one focus around your boxing technique while keeping an elevated heart rate. After we finished our combo, we were down to the floor with push-ups, squats, burpees, you name it, to complete the section. By the time we were done, the instructor was back around again. The active recovery at the end of these classes is typically partner ab work, which can get pretty competitive. Think combat sit ups and plank sit ups. A big plus is the camaraderie built into these classes so, who knows – you might leave with a new friend! 


Shannon is a ginger ray of sunshine … with a slightly evil side. But don’t worry, it’s all for your benefit. You will love to hate her when you start to see the results roll in. In terms of style, she pulls no punches and will call you out if you’re slacking, but somehow finds a way to make you laugh in the process. She also has a fun way of preventing standing around time while doing one-to-one work with students – her signature circle drills (see our review on all levels classes at Walker Street for more on these!). Her greatest quality is that she is overall a “badass b*#$@” who you want to be proud of you and want to emulate. She always gives you a proper countdown, sets expectations about what each section is going to look like, pushes you to go one more round than you thought you could – could we ask for more?


Much like other smaller studios, Church Street locations are built inside of walk-up buildings with little to no signage. But, once you make it inside, you are pretty astounded by the size. In comparison to its other basement location, Walker Street has phenomenal natural light that streams in and the space is one giant open hardwood (vs. being broken up into two separate spaces). It is, however, still not much too look at. We completely recognize that our perspective has been a bit spoiled by the extras and the high quality services provided by top tier studios around the city. So, it is a bit of a shock to not have towel service (for sweat or for showers) and that we would have to bring our own lock. Really, you just kind of have to get used to tucking your stuff into a corner since lockers aren’t super abundant and most don’t fit a standard size work tote. It is a serious pain to use the facilities to change or shower prior to heading out. Otherwise, these details are easily forgotten minutes into the workout.

Church Street Boxing Walker Street

52 Walker Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013
Tribeca Boxing $$$

Church Street Boxing Walker Street

Tribeca Boxing, $$$

52 Walker Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013

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