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byRebecca Licht, July 11, 2017

This class was a solid workout and a good sweat relative to other Pure Barre classes we’ve attended. The Pure Barre Union Square location is convenient and features a ridiculously nice loft space with a changing area and boutique. We recommend sneaking up to the boutique or into a class here if you’re shopping in the Flatiron, hanging out by NYU, or have any other reason to be in the neighborhood, as it’s a nice little refuge.



Every Pure Barre class, regardless of studio, follows the same formula: standing warm-up punctuated by planks, then moving into arms with weights. This is followed by thighs, then seat, then two separate ab sections: one at/under the barre and then a section on mats on the floor.

This class focused its arms section on a number of walking/leaning lunges, which was challenging on the thighs in addition to the arms – but we always love the compound movements. From there, we did a harder than usual section of thighs where we started on high tip toes as if wearing heels and did a number of leg lifts towards the center of the room. The seat section included pretzel side seat lifts and fold over. Our abs section was the only one that didn’t feel up to the level of difficulty. Christine had us keep a ball under our low back for the entire mat section of abs and so we felt less engagement overall, though our low back definitely appreciated the support. Class finished out with cat/cow exercises and then two minutes of tuck and lift in bridge pose.

Overall, this class hit the toning pretty hard and we appreciated Christine’s unobtrusive direction. The class was pretty large for a Sunday evening – about 15 women, all relatively young.


Christine was an easy-going instructor who provided a good mix of chill music, helpful hints about barre position, and mostly concise instruction. She didn’t do too much talking in general, which we appreciate, but did not stick around after class to chat with any specific class attendees, which we feel is fairly uncommon. We recommend Christine if you’re mostly after a good class and don’t worry as much about having an instructor with a strong personality.


This studio location can’t be beat – one block off of Union Square on the fourth floor of an otherwise nondescript elevator office building. We were pleasantly surprised when the elevators opened up onto a beautiful loft streaming with sunlight. The boutique seriously felt like an Anthropologie, complete with artfully distressed fancy wooden tables holding arrays of headbands and sports bras. There was also a waiting area with couches and magazines. This space also had several changing areas but no showers – next time we’ll have to try one of the “shower in a wipe” packs that they do have on offer – and the two bathrooms were stocked with toiletries as well. There was plenty of space in the studio for our class.

Pure Barre Union Square

78 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011
Union Square Barre $$$$

Pure Barre Union Square

Union Square Barre, $$$$

78 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011

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