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byKaitlin McCabe, June 28, 2019

With the ominous red lights and the blaring rap and epic movie soundtrack playlists, Tone House infamously falls somewhere between NFL off-season training and the greatest depths of hell. As far as the workout is concerned, neither is really that far off either. Tone House stands out in NYC as the first truly extreme, athletic-based group fitness studio with a focus on sports conditioning and performance. Your classes are team-oriented drills, your instructors are coaches, your classmates are fellow athletes, etc. Sessions have all the hype and intensity of a true alpha workout. All you’re missing are helmets and pads…most of the time. Whether you’re actually an athlete training for competition, or just want to feel like a total badass, you are guaranteed to find a physical and mental challenge at Tone House.



The Tone House program changes daily based on the focus (Lower Body, Upper Body, Core, Total Body, or Conditioning, i.e. “Funeral Friday”). To learn the fundamentals and get physically and emotionally prepared for the real deal, new athletes are highly encouraged to take a few TH 101 classes on the Turf. We aren’t just encouraging you to listen to this advice – we’re begging you to. Each class starts and ends with the official “breakdown” chant to immediately create that team mentality and to get everyone as pumped up as possible for the workout. Your first challenge is the warm up, the only constant in each session is and unquestionably the toughest part of class. It’s a 10-minute series of dynamic, progressively difficult sprint drills using mini hurdles and your own bodyweight. There’s no time for “oh sh&*” moments here; once the warm up starts, your focus needs to be 100% on the movements so you don’t end up eating the turf. The remainder of class consists of a combination of explosive and non-explosive relay exercises with periods of active recovery thrown in. You’ll incorporate sliders, weighted sleds, echo bikes, battle ropes, rowers, and other props in exercises that are either performed solo or with a partner. Expect to contort your body in ways you never thought possible and to feel even sorer than you thought you would. Also, if you aren’t familiar with a particular machine, buck up the courage and confess before your workout starts. You won’t get a full intro to the exercise machines during class, even in a 101. The last segment of class tests your responsiveness. Your coach will call out exercises on the fly – squat jumps, drop downs, crunches, fast feet, etc. – and you’re to perform them all for a few short seconds or more. You’ll be so in the zone that you’ll perform knee tuck after knee tuck without questioning it, whether you fully buy the vibe of the class or not. But when the commands stop, and the workout ends…MAN, you will feel those aching muscles.


Though he’s new to coaching on the turf, Joe has a certain energy that already makes him a solid leader for all athletes, especially the rookies who are scared sh*&less. His demos are clear, and he definitely understands that every athlete has their limitations. He’ll push you, and he won’t tolerate a half-a$$ed performance, but he’s not going to kill you because he thinks you should be working harder. He flawlessly modifies workouts for everyone’s unique ability, and he definitely takes the time to correct form for both seasoned athletes and first-timers. We especially love how he often takes the role of a fellow teammate in class rather than just your coach. If a teammate is struggling to finish a workout, he’ll be working right alongside them to provide that support needed to finish the set. His smile and positivity are infectious, and his playlists are fun and motivating. Those qualities may seem out of place in a facility that is infamously brutal, but those aspects are pretty damn necessary in a class that makes you want to crawl into a ball and cry within the first five minutes.


Tone House’s NoMad studio is as gorgeous as it is intimidating. The signature training facility, with its black AstroTurf and plethora of equipment, is on par with those of professional sports teams. In addition to space to workout like a pro, NoMad offers a lounge space for you to recover like one as well. There, you’re likely to find several coaches and athletes hanging out between classes, and they will definitely make you feel at home. You’re also welcome to play around with various foam rollers and recovery equipment before and after class, and you can complement your sweat sessions with personal recovery sessions with Tone House’s in-house specialist or NormaTec boots for a decently priced fee. While you’re stretching out, you also have a selection of nutritious food and beverage options to choose from. If you’re not quite sure how to properly fuel before or after class, you can also reach out to the facility’s in-house sports dietitian. The space contains a large full-service locker room with multiple showers, premium products, and lots of mirrors. Trust us, you’re doing Tone House wrong if you don’t take a shameless survival selfie in one of those mirrors post-class. The locker room also includes a cold bath to get comfortably uncomfortable in once you’ve showered off.

Tone House – NoMad

32 E 31st St, New York, NY 10016
NoMad HIIT $$$$

Tone House – NoMad

NoMad HIIT, Bootcamp $$$$

32 E 31st St, New York, NY 10016

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