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byKaitlin McCabe, June 28, 2019

The Ness, Tribeca’s latest invitation-only studio, is where fit[ness] meets real[ness] – or whatever sort of [ness] you’re looking for. The exclusive hub embraces the founders’ boutique roots: the studio has a premium but unintimidating vibe, the class sizes are extremely intimate and the clientele is elite. Because it is newly active on social media and remains highly exclusive, the Ness has a mysterious presence in the NYC fitness scene. After our inside look, we can confidently say that if you’re not already on the waitlist, you should to sign up right now.



[sweat] Sculpt is a total body conditioning class that consists of little to no impact. The workout includes the use of props such as resistance bands and hand weights to target each muscle group, sculpting a lean, long figure from head to toe. Unlike many toning classes, [sweat] sculpt doesn’t aim to tackle handfuls of movements throughout class. Instead, the class is heavy on developing repetitions of a few simple but highly effective motions. Think variations of lunges that combine with one another for a lower body segment, for example. The major benefit of this workout structure was that we really like we were burning out our muscles and getting the most bang for our buck. Instead of trying to mentally keep up with the transitions between exercises, we developed a rhythm that, with modifications, was challenging for all levels.


Colette has been sculpting beautifully strong bodies in NYC for years, and the change of location has only allowed her to further individualize her routines. She checks off all the boxes for what we look for in the co-founder of a boutique studio. Extremely welcoming to new and returning clients alike, Colette made us feel like we’ve known her forever after a just a brief introductory interaction. Throughout class, she was attentive to and supportive of each client, offering modifications on the fly and constant words of encouragement without being too in your face throughout class. Colette often let the challenge of the exercise speak for itself, and we were thankful she didn’t push us past the limits we set for ourselves that day.


With its exposed brick walls, feather accents and mood lighting, the Ness is like your best friend’s gorgeous studio that happens to have trampolines and weights in it than a place you go to work out. It’s a great aesthetic for fitness fans that look to de-intensify their workout experience and want to have a playful class rather than those that need to visual motivation and want to be totally amped up. The trampolines, weights, and mats are neatly tucked into one half of the studio, outlined on one side by full-length mirrors leaning against the wall. The aesthetic of the mirrors is gorgeous, but we warn you – don’t take a trampoline directly in front of them unless you want the angled reflection in the mirror to really distort your perspective! Separated form the workout space by an arrangement of feathers is a cute lounge area. With soft chairs, mirrors, and beauty products, the space is neither a changing area nor a reception area. Considering the girly aesthetic of the studio and the general style of most of the classes, we wouldn’t be surprised if clients gathered in this space to quickly freshen up and hang out with friends before happy hour. The Ness shares showers and locker rooms with Vera Yoga (the other studio on the floor). The men’s locker room includes two showers, and the women’s includes four. Towels are $1 each, and the showers include amenities including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, blow dryers, straighteners, mouthwash, deodorant, and more.

The Ness

406 Broadway, New York, NY 10013
Tribeca Dance $$$$

The Ness

Tribeca Dance, $$$$

406 Broadway, New York, NY 10013

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