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byRachel Flinn, January 15, 2018

FlexStudios is known for its impressive Pilates and Barre classes, and packs a punch when it comes to really giving your body the toning it needs. The studio meets all the standard boutique expectations: friendly front desk, beautiful bright studio space and amenities that rival any beauty counter. The classes are kept to a small number, which allows for a lot of personal attention all while feeling the burn in your own uncrowded space. While most classes are predominantly female, there are a few brave men who step up to the mega reformer, barre and TRX. If you come ready to lengthen, tone and strengthen your whole body while listening to the best beats, you’ll be excited to get your workout in at FlexStudios.



FlexTRX is held in a large studio that doubles as the barre studio with 10 TRX set up in two rows. Once you walk into the room you’ll be greeted by the instructor who will let you know if you’ll need a set of dumbbells for the class. If you’re lucky, you may not! Many of us in the room were first timers so we didn’t know what to expect in terms of class flow but stood at the ready before our TRX straps hanging from the ceiling. The warm up began promptly after Johnathan gave us the basics on how to work the TRX. Then, while we did jumping jacks in place, he gave us the rundown on the class and how it would go down.

The class was simple and structured in three parts: arms, abs and legs. Each segment came with four exercises dedicated to that focus area. Johnathan let us know we would cycle through each part two times and our break in between would be a cardio burst. The fun part is that the class changes daily so the combination of exercises and cardio bursts is always new! Each exercise wasn’t too complicated (lunges, push-ups, squat jumps on the TRX) and Johnathan demoed each exercise before the time began. You were expected to do each exercise for a full minute, though, which packed a punch! Jonathan was available to help with straps but didn’t offer much correction during the class, so if you’re new it may take a second to get into the swing of it! The class was a nonstop sweatfest which made time go by quickly but would definitely not be ideal for those who enjoy a more laidback class… The stretch at the end was good; we even utilized the barres in the studio for extra help.


Johnathan was busy setting up the room at the beginning of class. He introduced himself and quickly addressed the room to see if we had any injuries. Johnathan had more of a bootcamp instructor vibe and he meant business. He wasn’t the most friendly but he definitely made sure he showed us all exercises. He wasn’t overly in our business but he made sure to quickly correct you if you weren’t doing the exercises correctly. Technique was Johnathan’s language and his main focus was to have you walk out of the class knowing the correct form for each exercise and be a master of the TRX! The mix of the music with the instruction perfectly complemented his demonstrations.


FlexStudios is the quintessential boutique fitness studio with a small retail area if you forgot your barre socks, artisan waters and trendy hair ties for those on the go. The Union Square location is located on the second floor of a big building and has a decently sized locker area, two bathrooms and one large changing room equipped with top of the line hairdryers, straighteners and new products such as Amica dry shampoo and makeup remover. The only downside to this location is the fact that there are no showers. (If you head to their Noho location, you’ll find two showers though!) The studios are bright, clean and stocked with fresh towels and water bottles to purchase. There is also a huge (well, NYC huge) waiting area with lots of magazines to help you zone out before your next class or check emails after class. All in all, you’ll feel trendy and fresh despite the dry shampoo “shower”!

Flex Studios Union Square

47 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011
Union Square Pilates $$$$

Flex Studios Union Square

Union Square Pilates, Barre, Bootcamp, HIIT $$$$

47 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011

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