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byCaitlyn O'Keefe, April 16, 2018

Erin’s style is mantra after mantra – or maybe it’s just that it was Mother’s Day and she was feeling extra inspired. In her class, you will dance, you will sweat, and you will party all the way ‘til the end. With a varied playlist of wild and upbeat tunes, you are guaranteed to get lost in the music. Erin’s class is unpredictable, and her spontaneity keeps you guessing, but somehow the pack stays in sync (maybe because she attracts regulars). The studio at SoulCycle 19th Street is spacious but quite the maze. We recommend getting there a little early to scope out the scene. It is truly a scene!s.



Trying to keep up with Erin is a fun game for the regulars but for beginners, it could feel a bit manic when she goes full speed ahead. If you’re new to SoulCycle and can’t keep up, we recommend going at your own pace. She mentions this at the beginning of class, so don’t be afraid to do your own thing. With a background in dance, this girl knows how to incorporate challenging choreography that has you tappin’ it back whilst sprinting. She even had us sprinting with one arm behind our back and then clapping! Can you say difficult? Her arm routine was nothing short of taxing: she had us shaking for three minutes straight. Our advice: make sure to sit up straight and engage those abs.


Erin is petite in figure, but gigantic in personality and confidence. Her energy lit up the studio and was incredibly contagious. From singing tunes aloud to creating a strobe light-lit room, she kept the riders engaged by mixing it up at all times. She commanded the room right from the start and encouraged us to dig deep both mentally and physically with her frequent mantras. The good news is that she had us feeling more confident and energized than when we walked in. She is AWESOME.


The SoulCycle 19th Street location is spacious and clean but that layout can be a bit confusing if you’re new to this spot. As you enter, the front desk and helpful staff who greet you are straight ahead. The apparel is on the right and there is a long hallway down the left hand side of the front desk. As you walk down the hallway, the lockers will be on your right. There is one bathroom on the main floor and more bathrooms and showers downstairs. The studio is also centrally located to many NYC subways.

SoulCycle 19th Street

8 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011
Flatiron Spin $$$$

SoulCycle 19th Street

Flatiron Spin, $$$$

8 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011

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