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byHannah Sackett, December 1, 2017

The Overthrow Boxing Club studio is tucked into a very trendy pocket of the city and skews “gritty” more than frills. But then again, if you’ve seen their location tag on insta lately, you know that you don’t even have to walk into the building to get that impression. From their “rundown chic” decor to their tough but fair instructors, it is clear Overthrow Boxing Club is looking to present an air of authenticity. This gym has a ton of veterans and everyone is there to do much more than look cute in wraps. So, come ready to work and hold your own.

However, what this gym delivers in sweat, it seriously lacks in hospitality. The staff and at least half of the trainers carry themselves with a severe “I’m too cool for school” attitude – leaving first timers to fend for themselves or class attendees wondering if they had gotten what they paid for. Just be wary that there is a lot of crossover between the two types of classes, Underground and Ringwork. Sometimes so much so that it does get to the point where the lines get super blurry. When you have an instructor’s full attention the classes are pretty awesome, so we suggest you find the instructors whose style and class structure suit you.  



Underground classes can seriously vary. A Julian D. underground class incorporates more complicated combos (we would say they are more intermediate) and footwork and shies away from partner work, both in boxing technique and strength training drills. There is a very loose structure to each underground class but for the most part each includes a warm up, boxing technique work (heavy bag or shadow boxing), boxing drills (heavy bag or partner drills) that incorporate strength training, and a wrap up with ab work. Julian likes everyone to go solo in both their technical practice or “shadow boxing” and then in cardio bag work with burpees, high knees, and squats peppered in for good measure. His classes are a butt kicker for sure, but don’t expect a gold star at the end.


Y’all, Julian D. is not one to suffer any fools and is a stickler for following instructions. Didn’t follow his combination exactly? Didn’t put in full effort during the ab section? The entire class will be rewarded with an extra round. So, let’s just say his motivation style is more “tough love” than upbeat inspiration, which we need sometimes, right? So make sure you’re paying attention: he typically flies through his explanations and only does them once. One thing that drove us nuts was the amount of time he spent on his phone, sitting, or zoning out during warm up. It certainly fit in with the “we’re too cool to care” attitude of the gym, but didn’t exactly make us feel like a priority. Who knows, maybe he was building playlists…. but during class??


Like designer distressed jeans, Overthrow Boxing Club was purposefully designed to look a bit run down – from the front facade all the way to the curtain that is barely concealing the view into the women’s locker room. This townhouse just off of Berkley Street in SoHo has three levels – locker rooms on the top floor, main floor for ringwork, and the basement for underground. Figuring out where to put your stuff while you sweat here is key. Most people go for the cubbies or shelves on the floor where they are taking their class. Lockers require you to bring your own lock and are usually full. Should you choose to opt for the locker room because, hey, you need to shower or change, a word of caution: the feel is very “high school” – a little cramped, a little grimy, and very little privacy (even from people coming up the stairs since there is a curtain instead of a door). First timers, we HIGHLY suggest that you speak up and ask where things are. You aren’t exactly going to get the “studio tour” let alone more of a greeting than “okay, you’re good” post check-in. Another pro tip – bring your own wraps if you can, especially if you have quick wraps (like a glove with finger holes) from another studio. Theirs are $10-15  and are the traditional wraps. Unless you’re an avid boxer, you’ll require knowledge and practice on how to get them on. In fact, you should bring your own sweat towels as well, since there are none offered for use in class.

Overthrow Boxing Club

9 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012
SoHo Boxing $$$$

Overthrow Boxing Club

SoHo Boxing, $$$$

9 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012

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