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byAshley Lyddane Beberus, September 14, 2017

If you want to feel all the feels, take a SoulCycle class with Mantas at the NoMad to start your day. You’ll leave class floating on an endorphin high. NoMad is definitely one of the nicer Soul studios in NYC and Mantas is one of the most inspirational teachers we’ve had the opportunity to ride with. We’ll definitely be back to SoulCycle NoMad for another Mantas class in the future.



The ride that Mantas put together was great, it was challenging but not impossible. He encouraged us to get warmed up on our own as soon as we were settled on our bikes because class was going to start fast; he wanted us to be ready to go before song #1 was playing. From the very beginning, he gave us ownership of our own ride.

From song number one through the “take us home” song, class was full of ups and downs. We were fast and  light, we were heavy and slow, and we were everything in between. There were brief moments of recovery and several moments of breathlessness. He mixed in his own rendition of Soul choreography and we were happy to do new moves which made our Soul ride feel new and different.

We rode with weights for the song right before our arms workout, which was awesome. We’ve done this once or twice before but riding with the weights is hard and you can feel your body engaging and recruiting muscles that are not typically used during a ride in order to counterbalance the weights. The arm workout was more traditional and really focused in on biceps and shoulders.  

All in all it was a difficult class. The ride was solid, it had elements of newness (which is appreciated especially for Soul veterans) and it challenged parts of our bodies that may not usually be used as much during a typical class.


Mantas is super cute, extremely fit, friendly and outgoing. He said hi to the majority of the people as they set up and really worked the room, which makes such a difference and really sets the tone for class. As we got going, he reviewed what Soul is all about and the hand positions for the ride. It was nice that he didn’t assume that everyone was a veteran and really made the class feel more inclusive.

As class started, he set the intention and it was all about “ambition, not talent.” He focused on how hard we were trying and pushing ourselves versus how athletic we were as individuals. He tapped into the room using this mantra and the group came alive. Mantas proved that with a good instructor you can ride to music you’re not familiar with or that doesn’t get you dancing. He had so much motivation in his lexicon and was so connected to the group that we found ourselves using his words more than anything else as the fuel in our tank. Our favorite thought of the day was that sometimes we’re not ready to be put in a position that we’re put into, whether that’s in class, in life or at work; however, you grow and you thrive because you are pushed out of your comfort zone. He pushed us outside that comfort zone alright!

At the end of class, he was very reflective on our ride. He used it as a meditative moment for us to really think about what we had just accomplished and how we were giving back to ourselves by taking class. One thing is for sure, we would definitely give back to ourselves by taking his class again.


SoulCycle NoMad feels palatial compared to other locations. The location has two floors, with the check-in desk, a decent sized retail alcove (for all that Soul gear!), some lockers and the studio on the first floor. As you go down to the lower floor, there’s a huge open space where the majority of the lockers are located. There are some benches in the center of this shared area which makes it feel a little like a club house. The lower level is also where you’ll find the locker rooms.

The women’s locker room had six (!) showers and three toilets. There’s a long countertop by the toilets with six (!!) hairdryers (!) which is perfect for getting ready. You can expect all of the Soul amenities you could dream of in the shower stalls and toilets and on the countertops.  This is probably the most practical locker room setup we have seen thus far at a SoulCycle location.

SoulCycle NoMad

12 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001
NoMad Spin $$$$

SoulCycle NoMad

NoMad Spin, $$$$

12 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001

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