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byHannah Sackett, January 28, 2018

Rumble is a high intensity boxing-inspired boot camp experience. Learn the six punches and get the ultimate sweat on in this heart-pounding, night club-style fitness class. When the music is pumping and the lights are low, it’s just you vs. the bag. Rumble will leave you with an adrenaline rush that lasts for hours, giving a double meaning to the concept of “pumping you up”.

With $$$ backing from names like Stallone and Bieber, and clientele like the Beckhams and Selena Gomez, this is certainly a glitterati hub on the fitness scene. But don’t be fooled by the “gram”-enticing decor, stageworthy lighting changes, or DJ-inspired song transitions: this is not just a trendy workout. At Rumble, the motto is “sit down, be humble” (pulled affectionately from Kendrick Lamar). Whether you’re a fitness model or an occasional class-hopper, everyone is equal in the studio and you won’t just be expected to give your all, you will WANT to. Not only do they find a way to hand you an ass-kicking, their instructors will find a way to inspire and give attention to all. Which, considering that it’s a 60 to 1 ratio, is pretty damn impressive.  



Warning: Rumble is HIGHLY addicting. Why? You’ll work harder than in most classes in the city and still walk out with a smile on your face. Well, that and the sexy lighting in the studio… Catching yourself in the mirror throwing a sick cross or watching your muscles flex during a squat to press beneath the perfect blue glow will have you saying “Yaassss queen”!

This is a boxing-inspired boot camp workout, emphasis on the “inspired” part. You’re going to learn the six punches, the right stance and proper form, but at the end of the day, this class is more about conditioning than technique. You’re not going to be able to take someone in the ring after this class, but you are going to get a damn good sweat. Stick with it long enough and your stamina is going to skyrocket.

So what EXACTLY are you getting out of your 45 minutes? Think Barry’s but swap out treadmills for aqua bags: 10 rounds, three minutes each, split between five minutes on the bag and five on the floor. All of this is prefaced by a five minute introduction to the six punches, plus how to stand and how to throw them. The intro is followed by a five minute highly active “warm up” that includes explosive moves (jumping jacks, squat jumps, cherry pickers). Then you’re off! The floor sections each target a specific portion of the body: abs, arms, chest, back, legs/butt, but most moves are a combo of the two for a super comprehensive session (think squat to overhead press).

The bag section slowly builds from super simple to more complicated combos of punches that go back and forth between punches for speed and ones for power. Still following? Don’t worry, we know it’s a LOT but there are heads up displays for each and every combo or circuit of moves.


Ready to dive into the tank and swim with a more advanced Rumble crew? Well then, the waters of Jaws’ class at Rumble Chelsea are just fine (yes, we HAD to make the shark puns … come on, it’s right there). Both her energy and the pacing of her classes are a mile a minute, but trust us that this is a good thing. She provides a great challenge-level class that reminds you that doing the same thing over and over isn’t exactly going to get you the results you want – so dig deeper, Brittany! Her combos are a bit more on the complex side and as they build up over time, they’ll give you an awesome mental sweat in addition to a physical one. With Jaws, you get to try your hand at adding more ducks, rolls, and step backs to your repertoire. Plus, she’s one badass chick who we would take any class from, any day.   


Street art gallery meets fitness haven. This studio brand is very aware of the rate you’re paying per class (a cool $35), and their spaces aren’t just functional, they’re also pleasing to the eyes, with super posh amenities. We’re talking stone showers with glass doors, granite countertop vanity stations, and amazing selfie light (not all light is created equal here people!). The nice thing about both locations is that there’s a huge waiting/chill area, so no awkward crowding between the check-in desk and the studio door. You can get your stretch on, do some work (free wifi, baby!) or catch up with friends pre-class. And with over 100 lockers in each location both in and outside of the locker rooms, there is never a fight for space to store ya stuff.

In our opinion, Rumble’s first home (or its OG studio, as it were) is hands-down our favorite. The layout, with the lounge and lockers upstairs and studio and locker rooms downstairs, helps to facilitate an easy flow in and out of classes. The studio space itself is the perfect shape of rectangle that ensures that everyone in the room can easily see the instructor with no obstruction (*cough* columns at the NoHo location *cough*). Sure, there are still ways that you can hide in the back corners, but you won’t be left turning to the person next to you, saying “Wait, what’s the move? I couldn’t see!”. We really have no complaints outside of the INSANE bathroom line that forms after morning classes. But the locker rooms are already huge by NYC standards and they max out the space with four stalls. So, if you’re crazy in a pinch for time, we suggest skipping the stretch to get in line.

Rumble Flatiron/Chelsea

146 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011
Flatiron Boxing $$$$

Rumble Flatiron/Chelsea

Flatiron Boxing, $$$$

146 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

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