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byTali Sandel, March 6, 2019

CorePower Flatiron is the first of many new NYC locations the popular fitness chain will be opening this year. While this brand new studio is a bit tight on space, it more than makes up for it in cleanliness, location, and merchandise. There’s a great range of classes from beginners yoga to their FAMOUS Yoga Sculpt class that will have you sweating and sore – so pick your poison! The best part? If you’re new to CorePower, your first week is free!

CorePower Yoga is aptly named, as it combines both sculpting work and some cardio (depending on your class type) with the sweet, sweet bennies of yoga. Using weights both in and out of yoga poses provides a leveled-up feeling that those of us who are not really “yogis” are looking for. With nine classes to choose from – all at varying heat temps and with different focuses – you would be really hard-pressed to not find at least one that you like.



A killer combination in our eyes: weights, yoga mats, a hot room, and sweet jams. Yoga Sculpt is a 60 minute sweat sesh that takes the traditional vinyasa flow and cranks it up a notch. While in a deep warrior position with your legs, you might be asked to do a series of shoulder presses. Or maybe you’ll work your triceps with a kick back while in chair pose. Don’t worry, if this sounds like a lot, the instructors are incredibly specific about how to hold the weights and how to move from one position to another with them.

We didn’t get any type of cardio movements like jump squats or high knees that we’ve had in other CorePower Yoga Sculpt classes. It just goes to show that the programing for these classes is always evolving and that you’ll get a truly unique workout every time. Oh, and in answer to your burning question, yes there’s still a Savasana at the end and you will have completely earned it.

Warning: you WILL need a no-slip towel on top of your mat, unless you want to end up slipping on your own sweat during a high kick. It’s not technically a “hot yoga” class, but you will sweat like you’re in one.


Our Yoga Sculpt class was taught by the lovely Kayla, who did an amazing job at keeping the class energized and engaged throughout the workout. Her encouraging teaching style made us feel a bit like we were taking barre/pilates, which was perfect for the flow of this unique class. While she didn’t come around and make modifications (everyone was drenched in sweat so we don’t really blame her), she made sure to demonstrate every movement and modification for the class to see.


The brand new space is a bit cramped, something that we’ve learned often comes with the territory in NYC. Somehow, CorePower managed to get two studios in the location, but they’re very small, so be prepared to get handsy with your neighbor. While there are two showers and basic amenities, the changing area is tiny, so we recommend planning accordingly. Lockers are available for use, but there are no locks and there’s no room in the studio for your stuff. Mats and towels are available for rent at the front desk.

CorePower Yoga Flatiron

32 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011
Flatiron Yoga $$$$

CorePower Yoga Flatiron

Flatiron Yoga, HIIT $$$$

32 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

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