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byMadeleine Hoffman, September 1, 2018

We’re not saying the Vinyasa Flow 2 class at YogaWorks East was easy by any means, but it wasn’t quite the mental and physical push we were looking for from the hour-long class. If the studio isn’t heated in yoga, we personally tend to lean towards classes with another element to give it some added intensity. Whether that be bumpin’ music or spiritual guidance, we need an  extra oomph to compensate for the lack of sweat, but unfortunately we just weren’t feeling it in this class. The teacher, Veronica Peretti, and the class overall seemed geared more towards a traditional yoga style and even though we felt challenged at times, we also found ourselves getting a tad restless.



Veronica led the class through several sun salutations, standing poses and floor positions. Like most Vinyasa classes, the focus was on linking our breath to the movement and finding the heat within through the repetitions of these movements. While Veronica was very clear in her instructions and hands on, we felt the pace was a bit slow and would have liked a bit more diversity of movement added into the flows. There was a lot of focus on balancing poses as well as stretching.  


Veronica was warm, friendly and approachable. She definitely made the room comfortable for beginners and pros alike and offered assistance throughout class. We enjoyed her personality and the passion she brought into the room. Overall, we were fans of the teacher, we just felt ourselves wishing the workout she put together motivated us a bit more and pushed us to our limits.


YogaWorks is spacious with a boutique feel. The studio is clean and modern and the room is shaped to accommodate a decent amount of mats so you don’t feel overcrowded. When you’re done with class, there’s even a tea room area so you can continue the relaxation from the studio. We saw many friends socializing after class as well, so if you’re looking for an all in one spot for you and a friend to work out and hang, this may be something to consider. The only problem is the cute merchandise the store sells: the longer you hang out in there, the more you’re going to be tempted to buy, so proceed with caution. Overall, this YogaWorks class was not our cup of tea but we would give it another try.

YogaWorks Eastside

1319 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021
Upper East Side Yoga $$$

YogaWorks Eastside

Upper East Side Yoga, $$$

1319 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021

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